Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016 Decor Home Tour

Fiona of the blog How to be Chic recently posted a series of 10 videos on how to design an ideal Christmas celebration. (Definitely check out her YouTube channel. This series goes with her book A Chic and Simple Christmas. You may read my review of this book here.) In one of the videos, Day 4 of A Chic and Simple Christmas, Fiona advised her viewers to select a theme for the holiday season. I love a theme. From birthday parties over four years, my college friends can certainly attest to that! For 2016, I decided upon... A Candy Cane Christmas. This little motif is humble, so I thought it would be budget-friendly. I wouldn't be out buying tacky glittery candy cane and peppermint candy decor. Instead, I hoped my decor overall would turn out sweet, simple, minimal, and chic. Much of the Christmas decor I already own and could use again is red and white, the traditional colors of a candy cane. Red accents even make up my regular decor. Plus, early this season, I purchased a couple of peppermint-striped items: a roll of wrapping paper from Walgreens and two of these cloth napkins from Pier 1. I felt this particular theme was perfect this year.

I am happy to share my holiday decor with you...

This is my centerpiece on my dining table. This runner, in the right color, is what I have on the table nearly every day of the year. These clear glass vases that I already had hold candy canes, mini candy canes and peppermint-flavored mints. A few boxes of each kind of candy came from Target. I actually unwrapped each mini candy cane and mint.

This is the view when you enter my apartment home through the front door. I have my tree in the living room.

I love my little four foot tall pre-lit artificial tree. In addition to some special ornaments, I mostly have red ball ornaments that I've had for years. I adore the star that I've also used for awhile. A few regular-sized candy canes are included. Under the tree, you can see that I wrapped a gift with my new candy cane-striped wrapping paper.

Before I decided upon a theme, I bought two new ornaments from Crate & Barrel this year. My favorite is this happy gnome. Be sure to follow my Instagram account (@theitaliagal) to see the other one!

This is my tree at night...

My tree is next to an accent table topped with a set of mercury glass candle holders from Ballard Designs that I already had. I use tealights in them.

I took some of my regular coffee table items away and replaced them with items I had: a couple sprigs of red berries in a small clear glass vase.

This little stocking hanging from my coffee table drawer knob reminds me of college Chrismukkah parties.

This is a view of my living room from my dining room...

I love the red velvet rectangular pillow with a scrollwork design of silver beads recently picked up from HomeGoods this year. The beads sparkle from the Christmas lights. It kinda reminds me something out of Caffe Florian in Venice. The plain red velvet pillow on the right is something I ordered from World Market during the fall. These two coordinate with my usual warm-toned throw pillows. I may keep these red pillows on the sofa through the winter, long after I pack away my holiday decor. (I have a red rectangular pillow in another fabric for most of the year.)

On the end table closest to the door, I placed a plate of candy, a white jar candle, and a teddy bear in red and white clothes next to my new lamp and box for mail.

I adore these old plates from Crate & Barrel. 'Eat, drink, and be merry' has been a party theme of mine. In addition to candy canes, I displayed another treat, Baci hazelnut chocolates from Italy.

Normally, I have all the picture frames facing forward on the other end table, but for this photo to be posted online, I decided to keep the faces of my friends and family private. I display more candy on a duplicate plate and the same candle.

This candy is similar to Baci, Ferrero Rocher.

I am fortunate to have my bulletin board on my desk full of cards I have received. On the right of my desk, I have another white jar candle, North Pole by Yankee Candle. This is my favorite holiday scent.

I bought this red felt placemat of cut-out snowflakes from Target this year. I have a similar one in red roses which I use often in entertaining. Now, I have another option for winter dinner parties. I love my bowl, which originally contained red and green M&Ms, but... no more. Festive KitKats fill up the bowl better anyway. A red jar candle also tops my printer stand.

In my dining room, I placed these two mugs in the middle of my bar. The snowman mug was a gift from my workplace's lovely former housekeeper and I ordered the espresso cup from Sur la Table soon after I selected my theme. I usually have red and white paper cocktail napkins and straws out, which coordinate well.

Topping my wine cabinet, I purchased this set of paper cocktail napkins from Pier 1 this season. They read, "Open the wine, it's Christmastime."

Another thing I bought this year is this white felt circle garland. I have this product from Target hanging at my kitchen entrance.

My Christmas cookie recipe towel with a cute Santa goes well with all my red kitchen accents.

I bought an extra item at the grocery store one day... hot chocolate! I think my favorite hot chocolate is from Starbucks. I'm sure a cup of cocoa Michelle-style will be featured in a Simple Pleasure Sunday post sometime this winter.

I only use this merry wine bottle stopper around the holidays...

On each nightstand in my bedroom, I have a clear glass vase full of mini red ball ornaments.

Part of my gift to my co-workers included brookies. Fortunately, I had a few leftover. I have grown to love holiday or seasonal cupcake liners. These striped ones that go with my theme are new from Crate & Barrel.

I'm enjoying all the sweets and treats of the holiday season. The Starbucks hot chocolate is delicious.

I couldn't resist a pack of Christmas cards with candy canes on them! These are by Carlton Cards. The other pack of cards I sent out depicts another humble little thing, the snowglobe. The one with the Leaning Tower of Pisa has a plate that reads, "Buon Natale."

I know it's a bit late, but I wish you a Buon Natale! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I had a wonderful holiday season so far, but have yet to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. I hope you are still enjoying your holiday season too!