Sunday, October 28, 2012

Style Sunday: LBD

The Little Black Dress is such a classic! A 'go to.' In fact, it's what I selected to wear to an awards banquet for work amid a busy 64 hour work week this past week. I wore a version that has some folds along its v-neck and at the waist from White House Black Market. I've had it for years now. I don't get a lot of use out of this fancy sheath when compared to my more casual black sheaths and wrap dresses, but it was so great to have it in the back of my closet. I felt fabulous wearing it. I paired it with sparkly silver drop earrings, silver strappy heels and a black leather clutch. I also splurged on a professional pedicure a couple nights before, bringing in my own color from home, OPI's A Oui Bit of Red.

I love this post about another blogger's 'go to' LBD.

And you know how I adore Kate's style...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Style Sunday: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I have a rather plain rectangular silver-framed mirror hung above my chest of drawers in my bedroom, which I picked up cheap at Bed Bath and Beyond. I was thinking that I could change it up and replace it with a round mirror. I'll have to check out Home Goods!

...or maybe this one from a Pier 1 mailing that piqued my interest...

This mosaic frame looks kinda Italian...

I had a sunburst mirror with capiz circles over my faux fireplace in my Philadelphia studio. 
This now hangs in my parents' home.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Serving Antipasti

The Friday before last, I used my round wooden cutting board for the first time.

I served antipasti as intended and mentioned back in this post, specifically mozzarella, brie, cheddar, basil, tomatoes, red pepper, red apple and prosciutto.

I also served a baguette in a wire basket from Home Goods, a good olive oil for dipping in a little white scalloped dish from Pier 1, and a pasta salad in a latte bowl from Anthropologie.

With glasses of Chianti of course. Plus, Prosecco too!

I shared this feast with my fellow blogger, Kate from Une Vie Chic, that evening al fresco on my balcony. She brought delicious proscuitto and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms. She loves all things French as much as I adore all things Italian. That's why I had a mix of Italian, French and American specialties. We had such a great time discussing the European lifestyle both of us greatly value. I suppose we've both been big fans of each other's blogs for awhile, but it was actually the first time I met her in person. It is so great to meet new people.

I had such a busy day that day, transferring a car into my name and other errands, so it was fantastic to serve up something so simple. It was truly easy entertaining. Though, cooked antipasti is good too! bruschetta...

Or simply combining the mozzarella, tomato and basil into some sort of caprese dish...

Once I get through this 64 (work) hour week (Monday through Sunday), then I can think about something social again! That is so American, so not Italian! My boss at my part-time job better hire someone soon. She's well aware that I want to work like 9 hours there.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Style Sunday: Recent Style-Related Pins

Here are my most recent style-related pins on Pinterest...

I would love to vacation here!

I love the wooden screen most of all.

A beautiful chandelier.

Cute for fall decorating!

Cute for my Christmas tree!

Nice ...but still needs a bright pop of color.

Rustic chic.

Little Black Dress.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A European Excursion?

The Friday before last, I hung out with my neighbors a bit before heading out for the night. I had watered their plants when they were out of town, visiting San Antonio, Texas, so they picked up a couple souvenirs as a little thank you. I received...

This mug has maracas on the inside!
They thought I might use this to have coffee or tea at work.

This leather bracelet is handmade.

I like them. ...and I am touched!

This husband and wife were telling me their best travel stories. Most of these trips within Europe result from having a home base in England for eight years. They have also journeyed to Australia since one of their daughters lived there, stopping in Singapore en route. As with most expats, they appreciate European values over American ones. They were trying to convince me to see the world and even move abroad while I am still young. They were preaching to the choir! I'm not sure there's anything I want more than to backpack through Europe in celebration of my 30th birthday, in about 18 months. I currently struggle with debt and am unsure if I could make this actually happen. Since I have a year and a half  before this particular deadline, I should research such a venture, create a plan fairly quickly and save money from every paycheck to make it happen.

It would be fun to research at the very least. I could travel from Paris to Prague! From Cork to Crete! And Italy, certo!

Style Sunday: Animal Print Shoe

I've wanted to try a leopard or cheetah print ballet flat or pump for awhile now. It's a bold pattern to add alittle something to an outfit of basics, even with jeans. I realize that I could buy both kinds of shoe, but am on a budget and still unsure about the trend altogether. I've never owned an article of clothing or an accessory with an animal print, no cheetah spots nor zebra stripes. I won't know 'til I try.

"Steady Pumps" from Sold Out, $395.

I complimented one of my prospective residents this week on her cute cheetah flats. I proceeded to ask her where she picked them up and she replied that she stole them from a friend of the same shoe size. Not the answer I hoped for! But, she did say that ones like them were on sale at Target for under $15. And she's right; check these out...

I should head over to Target and at least try them on. I want to achieve a classic and chic look, not a cheap one, a claim that the online reviews tend to support. Perhaps these are it...