Sunday, June 29, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: New Hairstyle

Now that I'm in a new decade, I've been wanting to change my hairstyle and decided on a long bob with bangs. 

First, my inspiration found on Pinterest...

If I ever embraced my natural wave, I would have to have my hair look like this...

I'm well on my way towards this new hairstyle with this morning's haircut. My hair has been the same style for years. In fact, when I sat down in the chair with freshly shampooed hair, "Don't Speak" by No Doubt was playing. I informed the stylist, "This song was popular when I first got this hairstyle. Just sayin'." I do love it though. It was just below shoulder-length with long layers, an angle cut in front and with my signature bangs, swept to each side of my side part. My brown hair has never seen a drop of dye. I love being a brunette too. 

Today, I had the stylist cut an inch and a half off the length only. Now my hair dusts my shoulders. A classic bob cut around jaw-level just won't do. I still need my layers and angle to finish growing out, but basically I have a new hairstyle and it feels fine to try something new. 

When I flat iron my bob it will be smooth and sleek, nice and neat for the job interviews I hope to go on! I'm unsure if I want my bob to be longer in the front, which is a modern twist on the style. The stylist was in favor of keeping a little bit of the angle in front for a softer look.

Here's what my hair looked like one week ago today:

I feel like my angle was more prominent than this photo captures.
[Note to self: take selfie after applying a little lip color.]

This is my almost long bob with bangs...


Both sides are even; it's just one side looks longer than the other  in the pictures, 
probably because of my side part.

The shorter length frames my face stronger than the angle did. I look forward to my shorter pieces growing out for a blunt cut. Since it's shorter, it looks more full and healthy. I like it. It's a very clean and hopefully chic look. Above all, it's a change. 


Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer 2014 Capsule Wardrobe

I realize that Monday is the start of the work week for most, but it's still the weekend for me. I thought I would share what I get to wear this season during my first weekend of summer.

Today's outfit: 
black sleeveless cross-over top, Target
black camisole, Kohl's
jean skirt, Liz Claiborne, JCPenney
metallic sandals, CL by Laundry, Rack Room Shoes
cubic zirconia round studs, The Limited
pedicure in Haute in the Heat, Essie

This is my Summer 2014 Capsule Wardrobe:

1. new white v-neck Embroidered Peplum Cami with spaghetti straps from LOFT

2. white wrap top with circle lined edges from Banana Republic Factory Store

3. white short sleeve shirt from Ann Taylor

4.charcoal/white vertical striped short sleeve shirt from The Limited

5. pink/black printed wrap top with pleats from ATFS

6. lavender/white vertical striped short sleeve shirt from Ann Taylor

7. cobalt blue scalloped mesh sleeveless top from ATFS

8. blue sleeveless shirt with ruffled neckline from ATFS

9. green/ivory printed short sleeve top from LOFT

10. black sleeveless top with lace all over upper portion with cross-over neckline from ATFS

11. black scalloped mesh sleeveless top from ATFS

12. black sheer short sleeve top with buttons and extra fabric at waist by east5th from JCPenney

13. new Black Lace Top from H&M

Lovely lace detail.

14. black short sleeve tailored top with sheer scarf and sleeves from White House Black Market

15. black/white printed cotton sundress with straps and bow detail from JCPenney

16. black sheath dress with pleated neckline by Mossimo from Target

17. black wrap dress from Ann Taylor

18. black pants by Alfani from Macy's

19. black ankle pants from New York & Company

20. dark gray pants from ATFS (recently resurrected by my tailor!)

21. black textured line capris from The Limited

22. white textured line capris by Bandolino Blu from Macy's

23. blue jean capris by Levi's from JCPenney

24. blue jean capris with end folded up by Levi's from Macy's

25. knee-length blue jean skirt by Liz Claiborne from JCPenney

26. black/white printed pleated knee-length skirt by INC from Macy's

27. white eyelet A-line knee-length skirt from ATFS

28. blue/ivory printed pencil skirt from ATFS

29. black flirty skirt from The Limited

30. new dark blue jean Riviera Shorts with 4 Inch Inseam from LOFT

[ATFS=Ann Taylor Factory Store]

That's 14 tops, 3 dresses, 5 skirts and 8 other bottoms for a total of 30 core items.

Yes, #30 is a pair of shorts. I can't even remember when I last owned a pair of shorts... It's been years and years. As I grow older, I feel increasingly comfortable in my skin. I feel like this is the year, my 30th, to finally start showing off my legs! I listed them as a core item, instead of a beach/pool/boardwalk/sunbathing item, in hopes that I will wear them beyond those particular times.

My summer capsule wardrobe along with some extras such as camis and tees fits in 
half of one of my two bedroom closets. 
The hangers have space in between.
The dresses and pants are all the way on the right.

There are extras I plan to wear.


 1. new White short sleeve Essential Scoop Neck Tee from LOFT

 2. new white/black horizontal striped short sleeve scoop neck tee by Divided from H&M

 3. new African Violet short sleeve Essential Scoop Neck Tee from LOFT

 4. new Waterloo Blue short sleeve Favorite V-Neck Tee by Merona from Target

 5. new black double layer cross-over sleeveless top by Cherokee from Target

 6. new Black short sleeve Favorite V-Neck Tee by Merona from Target

 7. new Black short sleeve Essential Scoop Neck Tee from LOFT

 8. black short sleeve scoop neck tee from ATFS

In addition to my beloved black and white, I like that the deep blue tee is a jewel tone, like sapphire. I've always favored rich, saturated tones. It's nice to reflect my own style this season rather than do a traditional summery hue such as a bright, neon or sunwashed tone. Inspired by Pantone's color of the year, Radiant Orchid, I added a tee in the shade.

Tops: White, Color, Black.

-Pool/Beach/Boardwalk/Sunbathing Wear:

 1. black bikini from Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk store

 2. black/white dotted one-piece swimsuit from Ann Taylor

 3. bluish green one-piece swimsuit

 4. blue wave sarong

 5. pink ombre sarong from souvenir stand in Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence

 6. black cotton empire waist spaghetti strap dress from LOFT as a cover-up

 7. black tube top from H&M

 8. black halter top from Express

 9. Black/White polka-dotted Letty Flip Flops from Target

I may require a black floppy hat! I seriously don't own a beach towel. (I suppose I go to the beach or pool with someone who can lend me one.)

-Other Extras:

-2 pairs of sunglasses (brown and black)

-camisoles (including a new plain white one without a built-in bra from LOFT)

-14 bras (Recently decluttered. New black lacy number from Paris and new T-shirt Demi Bra in Nude Marl from Victoria's Secret which I love) and other undergarments


-jackets and trenches if needed

-shoes and sandals

-jewelry (All recently decluttered. Down to my 22 favorite pairs of earrings. Many bracelets and bangles. 11 necklaces including a new statement necklace that I hunted down: Enamel Bow and Crystal Short Necklace from Ann Taylor.)

I have already worn this with a plain white or black scoop neck tee multiple times.

-handbags, beach and picnic totes, and 4 clutches (Recently decluttered.)


My Conclusions:

I noted all new items. Most of what I wear is multiple seasons old. I try my best to care for my clothing so that it lasts a long time looking fabulous. I'm unable to purchase much any season due to budget, so as a result, new items are simply sprinkled in. I felt like the items I added are particularly summery, to properly celebrate the season. T-shirts are replaced most often due to them wearing out plus the fact that they're inexpensive. For example, each new tee among this seasonal wardrobe costs between $5.50 and $6. I do not simply add new items. Whenever one item comes into my home (be it in my capsule wardrobe in my closet or with clothing that didn't make the cut in a drawer), I make sure one item goes out. Although small, I even declutter accessories. Employing a capsule wardrobe and embracing the main idea of owning what you absolutely love limits shopping thus curtailing unnecessary spending and accumulating.

I feel like my style is slowly evolving. First, I feel comfortable enough with my body to show some more skin, with purchases of shorts and items with only spaghetti straps. Another way my style is changing is that I'm more open-minded. I now don't completely ignore details like embroidery, peplum, ruffles and pleating, where I had in the past because they create at least a bit of volume where it is not needed and/or felt trendy over classic. Even though I still love classic pieces that tend to be more plain, I give these details a chance. With that white summery top from LOFT, this is actually my first time possessing a peplum piece. (Its reviews state that it is sheer, and it is, but I plan to wear a little white cami underneath. Make it work, people.) By being more open-minded, I end up with some variety in such a small wardrobe. (...and a more interesting post for you, readers!) Life is too short not to wear beautiful things or even quintessentially summery items, just because you don't feel your body is absolutely perfect in them. Lastly, by installing so many dresses and skirts on the list over the last several seasons, I hope to embrace my femininity as well as be cool. I also love sheer features as well as a bit of lace in a top. During the summer, those flirtatious items always make the list! As I become more me as a person, it seems that my style may reflect that.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Bookcase to Bar Project: Part 1

I'm having fun working on a small project. No, it's not scrapbooking my Paris pictures (which I should really do next)... It's creating a bar in my apartment! This project is still in progress.

I've been planning on increasing the selection of drinks on my bar lately. Summer is margarita time in this household (which sometimes replaces my daily glass of red wine with dinner). After my trip to Paris, I'm daydreaming of sipping chilled rosé during this season. Plus, I have wanted to have an Italian drink on offer too, Spritz, a drink ubiquitious in Venice. Because I believe every single item has to have a home so it can be put away neatly, I have wondered where I would put it all. I currently have all my liquor bottles, my new bottle of blood orange syrup, a couple of bottles of San Pellegrino (fizzy water), a glass vase (for limes), my shaker, margarita salt, a margarita glass and a shot glass (for measuring) all on a tray on top of my small wine cabinet in a corner of my dining room. It's pretty full. And I still need to top the tray with Aperol for a Spritz.

I have so many different glasses intended for different types of alcohol (margarita glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses, etc.) stored inside my linen closet in the hallway. I'd prefer them to be displayed rather than unseen behind a door.

At first, I thought I might want a bar cart and started to look at them. Ikea offers a cheap utility cart. Target's one is more expensive, yet is like 1/3 of the price of other bar carts out there. Then, I thought I just need a little more space than a tray for alcohol, and a more sturdy, solid furniture piece to hold more of my delicate glasses would make a bit more sense. I started to look for bars (or buffets) online, but didn't like anything I could budget for. Finally, I decided on the matching small 2-shelf bookcase that I will turn into a bar. So much of my furniture is from the Avington collection from Target. I've been watching the price and finally it was 20% off and offered free shipping today. I actually didn't work it into my budget (as usual), I charged the $110.23 to my credit card (it's most unusual, which I can picture Audrey Hepburn saying in the movie Roman Holiday). I love buying furniture as it's such a grown-up purchase.

I plan to place it on either side of my wine cabinet, perhaps on the left side where a chair wouldn't back up into it (based upon how I currently have the chairs arranged). Even though I don't think I'll be able to put out all my drink glasses, this will still free up some space in my linen closet, which is much more an entertaining closet to me. I have vases, cutting boards (as serveware), antique punch glasses (as candle holders), table linens (placemats, cloth napkins, table cloths), napkin rings, platters, bowls and other serve ware, pitchers, an ice bucket, a large lasagna pan, a couple of candlestick holders, surplus espresso cups and a lot more in there. I have a large tote in the walk-in closet in my hallway that is half full of outdoor decorations like string lights. I will store those in my entertaining closet so that I can see them more and as a result, hopefully use them more.

After assembling it, I look forward to styling my new bar. I've been looking at ways to style a bar cart on Pinterest. Check out my five favorites...

The Target bar cart option.

Parisian chic.

My basic plan is to mainly store glasses on the two shelves and primarily store liquor within the tray on the top, with a bit of it mixed up/swapped. To add visual interest and organization, I might want another tray like this one...

Quatrefoil tray.

I also looked up those striped paper straws and these deep red and white ones are my favorite...

Although these polka dot ones are cute too. (And this shop has nice washi tape!) If I have space for a small decorative object, I might shop around my apartment for something to add.

Since this frees up the top of my wine cabinet, I have a fancy wire 3-wine bottle holder on top of my refrigerator that I can relocate. I also have two vases full of wine corks that are now on an end table in my living room that I can place over there too. All wine-related things could be in one place; imagine that! Why didn't I think of this before?

As you can see, I'm adding some things to my apartment when I hope to move soon and should be focused on subtraction. My home is already decluttered anyway. If I wasn't moving (which is so not an option!), I might wanna hostess a Stock the Bar Party so I could collect other basic spirits like vodka, mixers like cranberry juice cocktail, and fun little things like beautiful coasters (as I only own two basic cork ones).

I look forward to sharing a picture of the finished product! ...and apparently toasting the summer all season long...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Things To Do: Summer 2014 Edition Mini Update: Eye Make-Up

I planned to experiment with new eye make-up looks this summer. Usually, I embrace le no make-up look, only wearing concealer, foundation and powder on my lids and under eye areas with a shimmery cream-colored eye shadow highlight under my eyebrow arches and near my tearducts. I finish the look by curling my lovely long lashes and applying black mascara. I am definitely ready for more, not only for evening, but to have some fun during the day as well.

Growing up reading fashion and beauty magazines, I have coveted the eye shadow palette from Urban Decay for years. I never investigated the price, writing it off as name brand, thus too expensive. With the excitement generated by the debut of their third palette late last year, I priced it online and found one of their cases to be only $54. (I stay out of Sephora since I don't have much slush cash.) During this research, I examined all three and decided that I adored the browns and grays and even a dramatic black of the Naked2 Palette. $54 is still costly for my personal budget, but I tried to work this particular palette's purchase in. Finally, with summer commission and switching wireless providers for a lower phone bill, I could squeeze it in recently. I was thrilled to see it waiting for me, its outer cardboard box sitting under my desk at work this morning. I decided to order the Naked2 Palette from Ulta where I get my facial mask since I thought I might need more (as my first tube is seemingly bottomless) plus they were advertising free Urban Decay products and always do free samples with every order, standard. Plus, the purchase qualified for free shipping. Score.

Soon after adding the second palette to my wish list, I also pinned tutorials on specific looks using my selection. I anticipate copying those, playing around, and going out at night with a finished, polished make-up look. If you have any tips for me or tutorials you love, please share in the comments section!

Here's to a shimmery summer full of exciting new things!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Kindle Movie Rental

I realize that one of my previous Simple Pleasure Sundays was about French films (which you may read about it here), and I rented yet another one last night. I didn't intend for it to have subtitles. As part of my Saturday night, I perused movie rentals on my Kindle and simply chose one to view. It was under a category, "If you liked Romantics Anonymous, then you'll love ___." My selection was The Women on the 6th Floor.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's set in 1960s Paris. This guy and his wife simply go through the motions with life. Then, they hire a new Spanish maid. She and the other neighborhood Spanish maids reside on the top floor of the building and are truly lively. He mixes with them and learns a lot. The message reflects my desire to lead an intentional and passionate life. It's a fun, sweet movie and I recommend it. I don't often watch a lot of TV and movies, so it was something different to do.

Happy Father's Day to my dad and all the other amazing fathers out there! I hope you enjoy your day! I'm off in less than an hour to spend my Sunday-Monday weekend with my family.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014

Spring 2014 Bucket List: Yet Another Update

I crossed another item off my fun to do list for this spring yesterday morning. See the full list here and my now not-so-final update here.

7. Give my favorite coffee shop a photo of me in France holding their card for their travel wall

Here's the photo of me in front of Notre Dame...

I gave it to one of the owners who loved it. He put it up while I was there. 

The last time I visited my favorite coffee shop was to pick up the card before my trip, so possibly in April... And the owner still asked me, "Cappuccino?" I simply love this place... 

My regular size: large. How could I not? It is beautiful and most delicious!

With a chocolate croissant.
Even without bringing along a book, I love my me time here.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Antipasti

Back in December, I had my two neighbors who happened to have lived in England and who understand [about the importance of travel] over to my home to share the happy news that I was actually going to Paris. I served antipasti, a specialty of mine, along with wine and champagne. I wrote about it for my first Simple Pleasure Sunday post.

Last Monday evening, I hosted them again to tell them all about my trip and show them Elizabeth's and my pictures. I served antipasti again since it was a hit and they had mentioned it was out of the ordinary for them last time plus it's just plain easy for me since I don't cook anything. This is what it looked like this time around...

I arranged red grapes, sharp cheddar, parmesan, proscuitto, triscuits, wheat crackers, grape tomatoes, red pepper pieces, along with four leaves taken from a bag of salad on a ceramic tray painted Deruta-style. In addition, I sliced some of a baguette and threw it a napkin-lined wire basket. I poured good extra virgin olive oil for dipping into a small dish. I also served wine and champagne again.  This is budget-friendly since I used what I had on hand. Proscuitto tends to be expensive so I only order a small amount like 1/4 or 1/3 lb. I was given a bottle of champagne and it had been chilling in my refrigerator ever since. I highly recommend a tray of antipasti either to start a dinner party or as the main event for easy entertaining. I occasionally serve myself a much smaller version and call it a "picnic dinner." Anyway, this delicious platter was enjoyed by all. We had such a good time. 

I recently pinned this DIY tutorial. Check out how quickly this can be done in its video!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spring 2014 Bucket List: Final Update

The spring of 2014 will be unforgettable for me. Firstly, always having daydreamed of being grown up, with all the sophistication, definition, wisdom, and confidence that it may entail, I had been looking forward to turning 30 on April 15th. To celebrate this special event, I managed to do just what I wanted, have an incredible trip to beautiful Paris. Then, I seized the opportunity to both celebrate my birthday and gush about Paris with wonderful friends and family for weeks. There was a lot of chocolate cake involved. I adore springtime in general and would love to share a bit of what I have been up to over the entire season.

In order to make the most of my favorite season, I created a list of fun things to do. Check out the details here. In this final update, I crossed the items off that I accomplished as well as posted a few pretty pictures. Let's see how I did...

1. Have an amazing birthday trip to Paris
Check out my French Friday series if you haven't already.  

2. Celebrate my birthday around here
Kate from Seeking Small spoiled me. First, she treated me to a delightful picnic brunch for my birthday! After our "30 is awesome brunch," she and her family took me out for coffee. She also gave me a pretty card, a chic notebook and a thoughtful Kate Spade candle (which I burn like almost every evening!).

Homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, mimosas, 
cheddar, parmesan, triscuits and wheat crackers
in a beautiful private park in the middle of Charm City!

I had so many more memorable celebrations, including finally trying the Maggiano's in Annapolis!

3. Arrange fresh flowers in a vase at home

Red roses I received for my birthday.

Dark pink roses I recently picked up for myself, just because.

4. Admire azaleas

Azalea bush in full bloom in front of a house in my parents' neighborhood, 
admired while walking Minnie.

5. Wine and dine on my balcony

6. Visit this particular bakery 

7. Give my favorite coffee shop a photo of me in France holding their card for their travel wall

8. Walk on the bike trail near my childhood home in the sunshine

Read about my and Minnie's walk in this previous update.

Minnie, the family dog, ready to go home after a nice, long walk.

9. Purchase a Roman or Grecian-style urn for my balcony as planter or beverage/ice/misc. holder

10. Start taking action to land a job in and move to Philadelphia

So, I did 8 of the 10. Without owning my own car, having a family that already shares vehicles, plus the fact that I hardly ever ask to borrow one of the Ford Escapes, it's a challenge getting to places more than three blocks away. That's why I didn't get to the bakery and my favorite coffee shop, both of which are located in different towns. I will make it a point to schedule a time to borrow a family vehicle so that I can patronize both sometime soon. Hopefully I can squeeze it in this spring, before the summer solstice which occurs exactly two weeks from the date and time that I scheduled this post. There's still time! I have a fortnight. :)

I hope that you had a lovely spring!

Friday, June 6, 2014

French Friday: O Chateau Wine Tasting

This post shall conclude my French Friday series. After over two months of talking about my big 30th birthday trip to Paris, I'm now increasingly looking forward to writing about other topics. Traffic-wise, it brought a lot of readers. Merci for reading, commenting and emailing. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the feature.

One of my favorite experiences was a wine tasting. We scheduled the Introduction to French Wine class at  O Chateau at 3 PM on my birthday, Tuesday, April 15th. The place is highly rated and I can see why. The guy who founded this wine bar, Olivier Magny, also wrote the book Stuff Parisians Like. Our sommelier was funny and knowledgeable. If you are in Paris, then you should work it into your itinerary. The particular tasting we selected featured three wines: a white, a rosé and a red. The session cost 30 euro. We didn't add a cheese board which one may purchase.

Tasting Notes from O Chateau

I realize that I talked about this a bit before, but I thought I'd elaborate. I am in no way a wine expert, so please bear with me.

An hour long, I learned a lot, at least twice as much as other shorter wine tastings I've attended in the past. It was Elizabeth's first tasting, so she learned even more. I'm not sure I looked at wine so closely before! You examine it against a white background for color and clarity. Next, you swirl to open up aromas and note how alcoholic it is as the "legs" run back down. One of the tasting techniques, I even found out how to properly taste the wine by aerating it, which means sucking in some air through my lips. There was a difference in flavor! I've also been trying to properly hold my wine glass by the stem ever since, instead of having my hands all over the glass globe as usual.

Even though I pretty much always stick with red wine, I liked the white wine on offer. It was a 2013 Sancerre, made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape, produced by the Domaine de la Garenne in the Loire Valley. It was flavorful with a note of citrus. I especially liked that it was crisp. Since I don't like sweet reds at all, I think I will attempt to stock a couple of bottles of the dry, crisp white wine that this particular grape seems to produce.

I also really liked the rosé. It didn't have much of a finish at all, so I could see it being a light summery beverage. I even looked this 2013 Pays d'Oc, made with Cabernet Sauvignon, from the Domaine de la Grande Courtade - L'Instant in the Languedoc wine region, up on the internet to see if I could easily order it from someplace domestic, but was unsuccessful so far. I will try to stop at a few larger liquor stores and see if they have it or at least something that is similar that I can try. I'd love to have a bottle of rosé for summertime. 

Even though I drink red wine on a nearly daily basis, I actually wasn't in love with their rouge wine selection, which was a 2011 Cahors from the Malbec grape by Chateau Combel la Serre - Originelle in the Sud-Ouest region. I'm used to Chianti, or possibly Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. It has a very dark, intense color.

Me at O Chateau

It was simply fun too. Our classmates were friendly and cultured. They asked good questions. With learning about something new and drinking wine plus daydreaming about that rosé since, I have to say it was a wonderful experience. Just what I wanted to do on my birthday afternoon...

I love that I'm ending this series with talk of wine as it seems to be a proper toast to an amazing trip! I also toast you, dear reader, and your future trip to Paris, a city of stunning beauty. Please plan and actually go.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams

me happy at Cafe de Flore in Paris
clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

I love happy music as I grew up listening to The Beatles. So, it doesn't really surprise me that I adore the hit song Happy by Pharrell Williams. This may be my song of the summer...

I also love that fans had made their own music videos, dancing along to this song. This was inspired by the artist himself. You see, Pharrell actually launched the world's first 24-hour-long music video, with the feel-good song on repeat and set in LA, which you can view at He asked for videos to be posted on YouTube with #HAPPYDAY and submitted to this website to celebrate the UN's International Day of Happiness on March 20th. As a result, there are so many of these 4-minute-long cover videos posted online. Check out this website to see how many videos have been created worldwide. Happiness is apparently contagious!

Check out the following 30 videos from towns and cities all over Italy, a single, small country! My favorite is the one recorded in Siena.

1. Happy in Siena

2. Happy Venice

3. Firenze Is Also Happy

4. We Are From Milan

5. We Are Happy From Napoli

6. We Are Happy From Italia Prato

7. We are Happy from Rome 

8. Catania

9. Perugia is Happy

10. Happy from Verona - the Original

11. Happy Pescara

12. Happy Padova

13. We Are From Cagliari

14. Happy from Noci

15. We Are Happy From Torino

16. L'Aquila

17. Happy in Genova

18. Happy - from Palermo

19. We Are Happy from Bari 

20. Happy Messina (Official Messina Video)

21. We Are Happy from Lecce

22. We Are Happy From Parma

23. We Are Happy from Taranto

24. We Are From Bergamo

25. We Are Happy from Italy - Chianciano Terme

26. We Are Happy from Salerno

27. We Are Happy From Sorrento "Official"

28. We Are Happy From Alberobello

29. We Are Happy From Rimini

30. Happy From Bologna