Sunday, April 2, 2017

Signature Sunday: Antipasti

The last time I had a friend over for dinner, I assembled antipasti on a cutting board. In Italy, antipasti is served prior to the many courses in a formal meal. In fact, the term antipasto literally means "before the meal." But Wednesday evening, I served it as supper. It certainly fed two people well. This is a platter full of cheese, charcuterie (sliced cured meat), olives, and other food items. It is also referred to as a cheese board. This dish is something I'm known for. I love it! Plus, I don't even have to cook if I don't want to, perfect for summer. I simply artfully arrange whatever I want. I have been trying to vary my antipasti lately. There are so many options and you can make selections based on your own taste. I have collected 168 pins for my Pinterest board entitled Antipasti. Guests can have a lot of everything or try something new. It's definitely a conversation starter.

I was looking forward to serving antipasti last week following picking up a few items at the Italian grocery store Di Bruno Bros. in Philadelphia. This particular cutting board is my go to dish if I'm serving antipasti as a meal and/or at least two people. Made in Italy, this round board is by Legnoart. I picked it up from HomeGoods years ago.

Usually, you vary the cheese, which can be done in many ways such as firmness like soft or hard, which animal the milk in the cheese comes from like cow or goat, or even area like Italy or France. For the cheese, I selected what I like. I have my favorite which is my grocery store brand's Wisconsin sharp cheddar which is a semi-hard cheese made from cow's milk in the US and the Italian hard cheese made from cow's milk Parmigiano Reggiano from Di Bruno Bros. I often have cheddar and parmesan on hand. I love the print on the side of the parmigiano, so authentic. Its label notes that this cheese is "sweet, nutty and sharp..." It goes on to say, "The flavor symphony apt for a royal court, they do call this one 'The King of Cheese.'" It was good. It does not slice well though. I top a Harvest Wheat Toasteds cracker with a bit of cheese.

The charcuterie I chose came from Di Bruno Bros. I selected Prosciutto Classico which was so flavorful and Hot Soppressata which is a spicy salami. I don't have to have the spicy variety next time.

I included many other pairings. I selected Kalamata olives from the olive bar in the deli section of my local grocery store. These purple olives from Greece are meaty. Also purple, I opted for red seedless grapes rather than green because I got such a good deal on them. For some green, I added store brand sweet gherkins. Pinterest taught me that the French call gherkins cornichons. I filled my newest little white dish from Pier 1 with almonds. I also have store brand grape tomatoes on the board.

I also shared my favorite wine, Banfi Chianti Classico. My signature red wine paired rather well. Serving antipasti is definitely a signature way of mine to entertain.

We ate at the coffee table and enjoyed this different kind of meal.

Do you create antipasti? If so, what do like? I look forward to trying new things next time.


  1. Beautiful! It looks so nice on the board.

  2. Your antipasti always is so well laid out! I really have been loving camembert on a water cracker with a smidge of fig jam.

  3. An interesting idea for the weekend evening, I`m going to try it next Saturday with my family and friends, thanks for sharing.