Sunday, March 26, 2017

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Wine & Spirits Shopping

My friend Elizabeth and I went wine shopping and out to dinner Saturday night. So much fun! Again, we patronized Total Wine, an amazing warehouse selling wine, beer, spirits and accessories. I enjoy reading the notes in a wine. Unlike my first and second visits, where I spent around $73 and $87 respectively, I wasn't exactly planning and budgeting for this visit months in advance. In fact, my friend suggested the outing Thursday evening, just a couple of days before. So, I didn't spend nearly as much on this third visit of mine. I intended to purchase two bottles of my favorite wine, Banfi Chianti Classico and a new bottle of tequila for margaritas in the summertime and that's exactly what I bought. (You may read what I think about my signature red wine here.) I spent $52.83. (Both this amount and what I spent on dinner came out of my checking account.) Counting a $3 cash back offer, 3 bottles for about $50 is quite the deal! I did well.

I conducted some research on a good tequila for margaritas online. I already knew that silver tequila was traditional. First, I googled something like "tequila for margarita" and looked at a list from the top search result, an article on the website VinePair. One line read, "El Jimador Reposado BEST ON A BUDGET." This piqued my interest because it was recommended for my intended purpose, it was reposado which means "rested" and I tend to enjoy aged wine and rum, and it was a budget-friendly option. I clicked on the article and liked the description. Next, I went to my cash back app on my phone ibotta. I spotted a deal for this brand and this specific type was included. There were only a few brands of tequila with an offer. I promptly unlocked that deal for $3. Then, I went to the Total Wine website and searched for it. I approved of both the $19.49 price and the description that it "brings out the flavor of Mexico." I love travel and places, so I eat that sort of thing up! Plus, the reviews on the Total Wine website were good. After that, I also googled "El Jimador Reposado" and read some of the reviews. The high ratings were consistent. This was a cheap yet solidly good tequila that is a bit better mixed in a cocktail rather than straight in a shot. Many bottles of the Reposado variety were missing on the shelf. I look forward to trying it in a blood orange margarita!

It will be nice to have a bottle of my favorite wine around for my April birthday.

If you haven't already, find out the Italian chain restaurant we chose for dinner by viewing my blog's Instagram account. Please follow me @theitaliagal. I post extras in between ones noting a new blog post.

I have a blog post on another haul already scheduled for Tuesday. Check back for a grocery haul. 

I am aware that I must catch up on so many other topics. I am trying. I thank you for your patience.


  1. Good to know on the tequila. I might have to try making a Blood Orange margarita this summer!

  2. I'm signed up for a restaurant email list and your favorite wine was featured and I thought of you! :)