Sunday, March 19, 2017

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Decorating for Easter

I finished decorating a tray on top of my coffee table with an Easter or springtime theme today. I enjoyed the process.

I don't usually decorate for each holiday and season, so this activity was out of the ordinary for me. In fact, I don't own any holiday decor besides pieces for Christmas for a couple of reasons. First, I have had a few items over the years, but as a minimalist, since I didn't love them anymore, I have decluttered them. Secondly, I don't factor those purchases into my (tight) budget. I do, however, hope to acquire holiday and seasonal decor pieces I love.

I hosted Easter dinner for my family last year and in browsing for items for my tablescape, I ran across a white ceramic bunny [now available in stores only] from Crate & Barrel. I missed out on it last season, so I was delighted to see the retailer sell it again this year. (I may want to host the feast again this year, but am unsure at the moment. It happens to be the day after my birthday.) The bunny is bigger than I anticipated, but I still love it. I consider it to be fitting of my style. I adore that this is a modern twist on a traditional motif. It is sleek and simple. This order was one of my first purchases following my No Spend February.

Since my dining room table runner is red and that doesn't go with the pastels of Easter, I decided against creating a dining table centerpiece. Instead, I chose to decorate the wooded tray [no longer available] from West Elm on top of my coffee table. First, I cleared the tray. To accompany my bunny, I shopped my home for decor next. I already had a stack of mother-of-pearl coasters [out of stock online] from World Market there, so I kept them. I took a white candle (with a scent called Peony Petals) in a clear glass jar from Target from an end table and added it to the tray as well. One of the things I love about Easter is the chocolate, so I wanted something white to hold candy. At first, I looked around for a dish, but I ended up with a white cappuccino cup and saucer from Crate & Barrel. On Saturday morning, I purchased pastel M&M's from Target (on sale with a Cartwheel discount) to fill the mug. It holds the whole bag! I knew that I wanted an odd number of items for my tray, so I needed a fifth piece. I decided that I would buy fresh flowers at my local grocery store on Sunday and fill one of the vases I had. Today, I selected six white roses (for $5). For the next couple of days, I have them arranged in a tall clear glass vase from HomeGoods. On Tuesday, I will cut the stems and place them in one of my shorter vases. When it is time for the flowers to go, I have a few ideas for a replacement. (I might not buy flowers every week throughout the spring.)

I like how my little bit of Easter decor turned out. The whites are not too bright, but warm. I favor rich, vibrant color, but I have contrast with the white on the dark brown surface, plus with so much white, the pop of pastels in the candy is nice, not to mention more appropriate for the holiday.

Four stacks of three books fill the lower shelf of the coffee table. Facing the sofa, I selected books featuring some pale pink covers. (Including two fantastic books by my readers! Thirty Chic Days by Fiona Ferris and La Dolce Vita by Kristi Belle.)

Are you decorating for an upcoming holiday or for the spring?

Today is my first day of my blogging challenge. I am going to do something for the blog every day for the next three weeks. I will publish a post every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday of that period. Among other topics, I plan to post again about my last two personal challenges.

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  1. This is perfect! I love the minimalist bunny.

  2. I also love your new bunny! All the white looks fresh against the dark background. And pastel M&Ms are always spring-y (and yummy)! Very nice!

    1. Thank you! I actually still have M&Ms left...

  3. The Pictures are awesome and I love the Bunny with White color and dark background sitting under than bunch of flowers.

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