Friday, March 24, 2017

Call for Questions

I would like to do another Q & A on the blog. Check out my first one here. I will answer your questions again, so please ask me if you would like to know something. This is not limited to any specific topic. I will be collecting questions in the comments section of this blog post as well as my blog's Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest board. I plan to publish the Q & A post on either Tuesday, April 4th or Friday, April 7th. I look forward to reading each inquiry that comes in! Plus, I would love to do this for my lovely readers. I appreciate you and am so grateful that you read my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh fun!
    Okay, here's mine: What are the things you do on a daily basis that incorporate an Italian lifestyle into your American world?

  2. What made you fall in love with Philadelphia? I have been there and it is such a historical and interesting place to visit.

  3. We followed a lot of your suggestions when we took our dream trip to Paris and your tips made it even more special. How did you find all those special places to visit?

  4. First, i would like to say how much i like your blog. Living in Europe (i'm Dutch) and having visited France en Italy a couple of times, i can truly say the way you live your life is quite an European one.Now, regarding your Q&A: I would like to know your thoughts, feelings and contemplations on your no spend february.
    With love from Amsterdam,

  5. You seem so calm and intentional and not easily influenced by outside opinions, trends, or advertising. How do you stay so centered and focused on your core values and tune out the noise? Also, I believe you mentioned previously that you don't subscribe to cable tv, but instead use amazon prime. Have you found any tips and tricks for this? What do you enjoy watching and how much time do you spend watching something like amazon prime?