Sunday, February 12, 2017

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream

My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream. It is a combination of chocolate chip cookie dough (so vanilla ice cream with spheres of chocolate chip cookie dough) and chocolate fudge brownie (meaning chocolate ice cream with pieces of brownie batter) ice creams. I'm sure this comes as no surprise since brookies are my signature dessert to make. This ice cream is available in stores by the pint.

Half Baked is decadent and delicious. This brand does it well. I have tried this concept from one from the Target brands, but I didn't love it since it didn't include a lot of the pieces of dough and batter. I really love the Ben & Jerry's product.

An occasional treat, I only buy it every once in a while. I bought it on sale at the end of January, but saved it to eat during the first week of February, a small way to sheer myself up during my difficult No Spend Month challenge. I was going to take pictures for this blog post, but sometimes, this frozen treat loaded with all its goodness doesn't scoop well enough for its closeup.

Wednesday morning, I was diagnosed with the flu (despite having had a flu shot, I still got Influenza A) and when I was picking up my prescription of Tamiflu at my local grocery store's pharmacy, my mom gave some money and insisted that I buy what I both wanted and needed. I purchased three cans of chicken rotini soup, a small box of tissues, a 2 liter bottle of caffeine-free coke, a loaf of bread, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream. After my severe symptoms subsided and I started to feel better, I savored my ice cream. It was a nice treat after a not so nice couple of days. I like to serve it in a small ramekin from Crate & Barrel.

What is your favorite ice cream?

P.S.- Inspired by something Fiona said in her book Financially Chic, I bought a box of tissues to have at home in January. When they ran out at the end of the month, I kept the empty box. I thought if I was sick, I had heard that you could put your used tissues in there, then they wouldn't be all over if a trash can wasn't nearby. As a minimalist, I usually don't save things "just in case." Plus, I was always ill as a kid, but rarely am as an adult. When the flu shockingly hit me, I was so glad I kept this box as a used tissue receptable on my nightstand those first two tough days. So convenient. I wanted to share this idea with you and snapped a picture of the boxes on my desk right before I pitched the purple box into the trash. 

Today is Day 5 of the saga and I feel so much better. I'm not back to normal yet, but I plan to dive into blogging tomorrow. I want to publish posts on my No Spend Month this week. Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh no, the flu! I hope you are feeling better. So many of my family members, friends and coworkers came down with the flu or cold this season. I haven't gotten sick (knock on wood) although today I was feeling a tickle in my throat, so I'm drinking some tea as I write this.

    I don't have a favorite ice cream but that Ben & Jerry's sounds really good! If I notice it on sale at the store, I'll give it a try.

  2. PS: Really looking forward to hearing your first thoughts on No Spend Month!

  3. Hi Michelle! I'm glad you're getting better and thanks for sharing the 'empty box' tissue trash:). I can't wait to read on your No Spending Month.