Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter 2016-2017 Reading List

Due to the lack of light, I am indoors more during the winter than any other season. For that reason, I decided to place eight titles on my reading list, rather than about four. It would be nice to stay in with a good book, all cozy. Also, after a French fall, I did seek Italian-themed books and selected two of them for this list.

Michelle's Winter 2016-2017 Reading List:

Rare Objects: A Novel 
by Kathleen Tessaro
or at your local library.

I heard about Kathleen's Tessaro's new book, Rare Objects, from this blog post by the hostess of the humble bungalow. I, too, have read the author's previous novel, The Perfume Collector and loved it. In fact, it was my first title on my Kindle. This new novel is a work of historical fiction set in 1930s Boston. As you can imagine, life was a struggle during the Depression. I have already read it and enjoyed the story, just not as much as the other one. I borrowed the eBook version from my library and I recommend that you do too.

Only in Naples: 
Lessons in Food and Famiglia from an Italian Mother-in-Law 
by Katherine Wilson
Available on Amazon

Having decided that I wanted to be in Italy at Christmas (if only in my daydreams), I am currently reading the Kindle edition of Only in Naples. This is a memoir about an American woman in Italy. Even though I'm reading it slowly during the busy holiday season, it's good so far. 

The Umbrian Thursday Night Supper Club 
by Marlena de Blasi
Available on Amazon

The Umbrian Thursday Night Supper Club is another title from an author who I have previously read and that I discovered from a blogger, this time: Shannon of The Simply Luxurious Life. Find her recommendation in this post. Four Italian women gather to cook, eat, drink and talk in a once-a-week ritual and then begin inviting the author. I still remember parts of her previous books, including about her spontaneously deciding to have her hair dyed 'the color of hot copper pipes' and then her husband spotting her in a piazza and being struck by her beauty, not knowing about her sudden change nor even realizing it was his love at first. Anyway, the author loves to cook, so there are recipes included. I anticipate savoring this Kindle book ...and possibly one of its recipes.

How to be Chic in the Winter: 
Living Slim, Happy and Stylish During the Cold Season 
by Fiona Ferris

I adore Fiona of the blog, how to be chic, so I always look forward to her books. I loved How to be Chic in the Winter: Living Slim, Happy and Stylish During the Cold Season. This lifestyle book details ways to live well during the cold, dark season. To even be enthusiastic about it! I always like to celebrate the joys of each season myself. I will definitely be writing a review of this wonderful book on the blog. Again, I purchased the Kindle edition.

Financially Chic: 
Live a Luxurious Life on a Budget, Learn to Love Managing Money, and Grow Your Wealth 
by Fiona Ferris
Available on Amazon

Yes, it's another book by the same author. I just have to read everything that Fiona writes! This one is called Financially Chic: Live a Luxurious Life on a Budget, Learn to Love Managing Money, and Grow Your Wealth. Even though I am a gal on a budget, financial books are simply not among my favorites. I'm sure that once I start reading it though, I will love it. If anyone can get me to read more about finances, it would be Fiona. It is true that I am rather frugal and minimalist, but I am still a spender rather than a saver and admit that I have a lot to learn. Hopefully, this book will help.

Thirty Chic Days: Practical Inspiration for a Beautiful Life
by Fiona Ferris

Thirty Chic Days: Practical Inspiration for a Beautiful Life was on my Summer 2016 Reading List. I savored reading this lovely book back then. In order to give it a proper review, I started to reread it during the fall, but it was a trying time in my life and since I wasn't concentrating, I stopped and vowed to begin again during wintertime. I truly love this book and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

Chez Moi: Decorating Your Home and Living like a Parisienne 
by Sarah Lavoine
Available on Amazon

I discovered Chez Moi: Decorating Your Home and Living like a Parisienne from fellow Francophile Shannon of The Simply Luxurious Life. This was originally a recommendation in a This & That post and then she proceeded to share her favorite takeaways here. I bought the hardcover and flipping through it, it looks like a dense book, full of fun. I would love to learn how to create a more French lifestyle, especially adding a Parisian touch to my home.

Edge of Wonder: notes from the wildness of being 
by Victoria Erickson
Available on Amazon

On Pinterest, I adored quotes from Victoria Erickson. She is able to articulate a feeling about a life situation in a masterful way. Or give advice about a topic regarding living well. These are things you don't read everyday. This prompted me to install her book Edge of Wonder: notes from the wildness of being on my list. This book of prose is out of the ordinary for me. I will let you know what I think. I hope to be as captivated by the supposedly emotional and passionate writing on life as the reviewers were on Amazon. I will be also reading this on my Kindle.

What are you reading? 

I would love any recommendations as I have a couple of books in mind for the spring, but need at least a couple more.


  1. Thank you! I just placed a hold at my library for Rare Objects. I'm looking forward to reading it. I really enjoyed all of Fiona's books plus Only in Naples.

    1. You're welcome! I hope you enjoy Rare Objects.

  2. I am honoured to be well represented in your list, Michelle :)

    Chez Moi looks interesting, I will check it out. Thank you!

    1. Merci beaucoup for writing such good books! I am now halfway through Financially Chic and am enjoying it.

      Chez Moi looks like a lot of fun!