Sunday, January 8, 2017

Simple Pleasure Sunday: WoodWick Candle

I celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family in Delaware on Sunday, January 1st. One of the highlights of this gathering is a white elephant gift exchange. Each person who brings a wrapped gift draws a number. Next, the player who drew number 1, selects a gift, unwraps it in front of everyone and keeps it. Each following player may either steal anyone's unwrapped gift or open a new one. With our rules, there is no limit on how many times a gift can be stolen. If your gift is stolen, then you take another turn. At the end, the person who drew number 1 may steal anyone's. So, you want number 1 or a high number. I only had number 7 out of 20-something, but actually lucked out. The first gift I opened was a thermos and a gift card to Dunkin Donuts. My dad had number 8 and stole it from me, lover of DD that he is. That next gift bag I chose contained a candle and a sign. I managed to hold onto them until the end of the game. I have already donated this sign to my mom's antique stall...

I truly love my candle though. It is the Cafe Sweets Trilogy from WoodWick. The scents are layered. First, you burn through Vanilla Bean, and then Caramel to reach Biscotti. The three different colors of wax are stacked in a tall clear concave glass jar. It comes with a wooden lid.

I have never had a WoodWick candle before. I knew that when you burn the wick, it makes a crackling sound like a fire would. Never having dreamt of a home with a fireplace, I just haven't purchased this brand before. This particular feature is nice and cozy, but what I really adore is the scent. So far, I love the vanilla bean. It smells so delicious. The fragrance fills the room. I don't have the strongest sense of smell in the world and when I burn it, I notice it all the time. 

I will definitely purchase more WoodWick candles in the future. ...maybe even this specific candle! I have always been drawn to food scents. Plus, the warm colors work with my home decor.

I like to burn it in the evening, but I will also light the candle during the day on one of my days off. Burning a candle is such a simple pleasure, especially in the winter.


  1. So glad you hold on to the candle till the end! I've not heard of that brand before but I'm sure by how you described it smells divine. It also fits well in your home. I do hope to get some candles around here so my home could look and smell more cosy. Have a wonderful week ahead!
    Ping xox

    1. Hello, Ping!

      I was a little early for my hair appointment today and I stopped in a nearby department store that tends to sell clearanced merchandise. This candle was actually in there without the front sticker for a bit less than half the price it is on the WoodWick website. I didn't buy it as I am low on spending money at the moment, but am seriously considering it. If it's still there when I return, then it's meant to be and I can certainly scrub off the sticker glue. Maybe if I like the other two scents? My beloved vanilla bean scent is almost gone. I have it burning now. I left those red roses from the grocery store on that accent table today, but moved the candle to my coffee table tray.

      I hope you find scents that you love. If you can find them, I do recommend the WoodWick brand as it is quality.

      Have a wonderful day, full of simple pleasures!

  2. Hi there,

    That's interesting having a multi-layer scented candle. I might look for one and give it a try! I've recently discovered Ikea candles at about $3 each, which is a great price, and they smell and burn wonderfully. My favorite is the grey one ... I can't remember the fragrance name, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with "Fall." A lit candle has such an elegant and calming ambience.


    1. Hello, D.!

      I like Ikea. I bought their candles over a decade ago. I have really wanted more of the white plant pots they call Kardemumma lately. Since they don't sell them on their website and others will overcharge for a set of four elsewhere online, I hope to persuade someone to take me to a store soon. On that visit, I will look at the candles. Thank you so much for the tip! I love to use candles for their scent, but actually enjoy them more as style elements and to create a cozy ambience. I want to write a post about my small collection of white jar candles, so stay tuned.