Sunday, October 23, 2016

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Antipasti Again for Lunch

I loved my Sunday lunch of antipasti or a simple cheese plate. This consists of sharp cheddar cheese, prosciutto, Harvest Wheat Toasteds crackers, and grape tomatoes. I definitely put my own spin on this Italian course.

In an attempt to keep the portions small, I loaded up a small salad plate. It filled me up. I know that this is not the healthiest meal, but I will balance snacking on these items by eating a salad for most meals this week. I enjoyed this meal without guilt.

I was inspired to make this meal by rereading the first two chapters of Fiona Ferris' book Thirty Chic Days: Practical Inspiration for a Beautiful Life. Her second chapter focuses upon food, but I feel like it was the first chapter on mindset that led me to ask myself, "What would I have for lunch if I was living in my dream Italian [or city] apartment?" My answer was antipasti from an outdoor market in a piazza [or from Di Bruno Bros. in Philadelphia]. I savored Fiona's wonderful book when it first came out, but just started to reread the entire book in order to draft a thorough review of it for the blog. (I have finished reading all the books on my fall reading list and you can expect the last two reviews to be published by the end of the month. Plus, I also have decided on six titles for my winter list. I even bought five of them and plan to borrow the final selection. So stay tuned!)

I have actually written about the antipasti lunch previously here. That meal in the spring was a more economical version when compared to this one, but I am still spending some nice summer and fall commission at the moment. Back then, that meal of mine was also inspired by Fiona, specifically a post on her blog how to be chic. It certainly helps to be reminded to create the life you want to live! Speaking of inspiration, the Barefoot Contessa made a much more sophisticated cheese board for dessert actually in her latest episode that aired at 10:30 this morning. If it's a good idea to Ina Garten, then it's a good idea for me.

I look forward to snacking on these foods with a glass of wine, and returning to Italy for a few bites, after work this week. ...and I might just have to entertain! An Italian friend can help me eat some. I can even switch it up a bit with a portion of parmesan and some of that sourdough bread stocked in my freezer from my last dinner party.

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