Sunday, September 18, 2016

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Dove Variety Minis

I discovered a new kind of chocolate that I love. Allow me to introduce to you... Dove Variety Minis, which are individually wrapped dark chocolate covered vanilla or chocolate ice cream bars.

My boss regularly buys the apartment community maintenance staff ice cream and stocks it in the freezer in the leasing office throughout the summer. It was very hot and humid this past season and I know this treat was appreciated. One day, I tried one of the miniature ice creams she bought and loved it so much that I have been buying it regularly ever since. I especially love ice cream and of course gelato in the summertime.

These bars are delicious! The dark chocolate shell is so good. When you bite into one, it's a surprise which kind of ice cream is inside. My preference is the chocolate ice cream, which is rich. I would say that the vanilla is fluffy rather than decadent. I appreciate the small size as I am forever trying to exercise portion control. These satisfying and individually wrapped treats are gone in three bites, perfect for just a little dessert after lunch or dinner. 

Each wrapper features different text promoting chocolate.

Have you tried them yet?


  1. I didn't know these existed, will have to check them out in the frozen aisle! Perfect for when you want a little something sweet after dinner.

    1. I crave some dessert after a plate of pasta with tomato sauce or a spicy dish. This way, it's a small portion.