Monday, September 12, 2016

Book Review: The Light of Paris

The first book I read from my fall reading list was The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown. I devoured this novel in three days. I recommend it.

I borrowed the eBook through my local library.

It's about a modern-day woman who is unhappy with her current life stemming from the choices she has made that benefit others instead of herself. During some time away at her mother's, she finds her grandmother's journals and is enraptured with the tale of how she visited Paris in the 20s. Her grandmother wasn't always the formal woman her granddaughter thought of her as, but a creative soul, a kindred spirit, a woman that wanted to break out of the mold of the time. Reflection upon all this slowly helps her begin a transformation.

The first half of the book was character development. It was good, but as soon as the two main characters started to make their own decisions halfway through, it became a truly fantastic book. I mean, how could it not? One of the main characters had the time of her life in 1920s Paris! The woman hung out with Surrealists in sidewalk cafes! Both characters come alive. I could see not every reader loving the book since you want to grab the modern day female protagonist by the shoulders and shake some sense into her! She didn't seem to think that her own happiness mattered whatsoever. As a lifestyle blogger, it was frustrating to read. I could certainly see that it happens in real life and since the story was well written, I rooted for her to actually make major changes. The lessons of the book: be authentically you and have the courage to pursue your dreams, however nonconformist they may be, are important ones. It's a good book and I think you should grab a copy for yourself.

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