Monday, May 30, 2016

Things To Do: Summer 2016 Edition

To celebrate summer, I wanted to create a wish list of fun activities. I have done this in the past. Check out my summer bucket list from 2012, 2013, and 2014. From Memorial Day through Labor Day this year, I aim to accomplish the following activities.

Michelle's Summer 2016 To Do List:

1. Arrange fresh flowers at home at least three times. 
Having flowers at home more frequently is a new year's resolution of mine. At the very least, I will bring home a bouquet once during June, July, and August. Hopefully I'll have sunflowers in my large white pitcher by the end of summer. Here are the ones I picked up during August 2014...

2. Mix a batch of blood orange margaritas.
I love to sip a margarita on the rocks in the summertime. Blood orange ones are my favorite and I have blood orange syrup at home. This one featured in the image below is from a batch shared with a friend on my balcony last July.

3. Get back into reading.
Instead of reading lately, I have been watching YouTube videos. I'm starting to miss reading books and plan to make a glorious return to reading this summer. I plan to finish at least four books this season. In addition to possibly catching up on previous reading lists, I have a few new selections in mind, like this one...

Available on Amazon
Or at the library.

4. Make my signature pasta salad.
I created my pasta salad back in 2012 and wish to make this summery dish. I recently purchased this highly reviewed mini food chopper on Amazon, so I could use that for some of the ingredients such as the red onion. The following image is what I contributed to a cookout during May 2015.

5. Have lunch or dinner in a restaurant's outdoor seating.
I enjoy dining al fresco and do not often go out to dinner, so why not combine the two? I don't have to dine at a sidewalk cafe like this one that I snapped a picture of in Paris this summer...

6. Dine at Vivo Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar.
I dined at this wonderful restaurant a town away a year ago and always wished to return, but have not yet. Read about my experience in this post. I remember that they have outdoor seating, so, really, I could knock out two birds with one stone! This pizza again or a pasta dish?

7. Sip a glass of limoncello.
I hope to purchase a bottle of this summery drink at my favorite wine shop in Annapolis. My mom, who is an antique dealer, gave me two stemmed cordial glasses yesterday.

My previous seasonal lists have been 10, 12, and 13 items long. Limiting this list to 7 is a way to be realistic. Summer is my busiest season at work by far. Plus, a situation in my life continues to be rough. I just don't want to add too much to my plate.

Have a wonderful summer!

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