Sunday, May 22, 2016

Simply Pleasure Sunday: Two Movies Both with an Irish and Italian Twist

My sister and I were dogsitting last Sunday night and decided on pizza and a movie. We selected Return to Me, a romantic comedy I have seen and always loved. I really enjoyed this viewing. This movie from 2000 starts with a guy played by David Duchovny who deeply loves his wife. She dies and her heart is donated to a woman played by Minnie Driver who was not living life fully. She works in her grandfather's odd Irish-Italian restaurant. The two meet there and their courtship is so sweet. She discovers that she has his late wife's heart and tells him, disappearing immediately after so that he wouldn't be reminded of his tragedy and leaving their future up to him. This is one film I could watch many times. See it if you haven't yet or if you haven't in awhile.

At home on Tuesday evening, I spontaneously rented a movie on Amazon that I've heard good things about, Brooklyn. This romantic drama is fantastic! This is the tale of a young woman who leaves Ireland in the early 1950s for a chance of a better life in America, specifically Brooklyn, among other Irish immigrants. Even though there are negatives, overall she has a pretty good life for an immigrant. Through sponsorship, she had a place to stay, a job, and even night school in the field of her choice. She blossomed, including falling in love with an Italian guy. She has a reason to return to Ireland and goes. While there, her friends and family push an eligible bachelor at her and she falls for him too. Plus, a job in her field is thrown at her as well. There was nothing for her in her native country before, but now suddenly there is. Stuck in between two places and gentlemen, she must decide upon one. The performances are wonderful. Overall, this film is engaging and is simply well done. I highly recommend it.

All things Italian truly inspires how I live my life, so I adore movies with a culture or two emphasized. The Irish and Italian cultures in these particular movies have personal meaning. My sister received her DNA results and it reported that my siblings and I are 47% Irish. Of course, I am 100% Italian at heart!


  1. Your sister is 47% Irish, but that doesn't mean you are. Your ethnic DNA is as much a distinct jumble from your siblings as your eye color and other features. To know what you are for certain, you'll have to do the DNA test yourself. Trust me on this.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I didn't even realize what I was saying was wrong. I thought that since we share the same parents, grandparents and so on, it would be the same exact percentages. It makes sense that since different chromosomes come from parents, that DNA and all those characteristics would certainly be different. The dorkiest student, I love to learn and appreciate your comment.

      I'm certainly part Irish though. Maybe I will test myself one day... It would be interesting to see if just how different the results are!