Sunday, May 15, 2016

Simple Pleasure Sunday: White Tulips

I love tulips in the spring, especially in white. Following a payday Friday, I picked up a bouquet while at the grocery store this morning. Arranged in a simple clear glass vase and set on a black accent table in my living room, they are lovely. I took some days off from work this week, so I will be home more than usual to enjoy them. Although, I will spend some of my vacation time in my childhood home since my parents are out of town and my siblings and I are taking turns dogsitting. Hopefully, they'll last for six days.

Already starting to open after an hour.

I will make purchasing fresh flowers a habit. To have them in my home more frequently is one of my new year's resolutions after all.


  1. What a delight to discover your blog! I love your theme and am also very inspired by Italy, as I'm half Italian. Yes, having fresh flowers in your house is so life-affirming. I try to do it as well! Ciao!

    1. Welcome!

      I adore photos of your floral arrangements and garden on your Instagram.