Monday, May 23, 2016

Call for Questions

This is my 595th blog post. I usually try to do something special for my readers on the occasion of milestone posts. Inspired by all the YouTube videos I've been watching lately, I wanted to publish a Question & Answer post for my 600th. So, please ask me questions! I will be collecting questions from blog comments, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Then, I will answer your questions in writing in the 5th post after this one. Should things go as planned, that should be the second post of June.

Plus, since my apartment tour blog post was so popular, I was thinking of doing a supplemental post. I could daydream of a wishlist of items I want for my home. Or I could draft a more serious post on how I organize my "linen" closet. Or simply dish more details on my office area, kitchen or even bathroom? Let me know if you want to know more about my home and which one piques your interest the most. Are there any other topics you wish I would discuss?

So... what would you like to know?

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