Sunday, April 24, 2016

Simple Pleasure Sunday: HomeGoods Shopping Spree

HomeGoods is my favorite store. In case you do not know it, this is a home decor chain that sells accent and outdoor furniture, home accessories, kitchen products, seasonal decor, etc. at great prices. Even though they do not sell many of each item, with multiple shipments each week, stock is always full and changing. I love decorating my home and an item I fall in love with at this store usually falls within my budget. So, it should come as no surprise that I engaged in a little shopping spree during my recent birthday staycation. (I will post all about that soon!) I wanted to share my HomeGoods haul.

This is everything...

I picked up three sets of paper cocktail napkins. I love cute ones for entertaining. These three doubled my inventory. First, a set of 20 fancy French ones... (Since I often wish my dinner date, buon appetito before eating a meal, I might order these online.)

This 40-count set of pink floral napkins is lovely, perfect for a (pink) blood orange margarita.

I like the geometric design of these pink and white napkins. There are 20 in this pack.

I cleared tall pantry items from one of my nice red bins and replaced them with my small collection of cocktail napkins. (I have two red and white sets on my bar.)

I selected two of these short clear plastic cups. The design that includes quatrefoils and dots appeals to me. I intend to use them for dinner for two on my balcony. I also love these hard-to-break and lightweight glasses for picnic dates in the summer. (I am now looking for a couple small melamine plates to go with them. I like these from Crate & Barrel, but there are many cheaper similar options at Bed Bath & Beyond as well as a chic blue and white style from HomeGoods. Although I prefer warm colors over cool, the last choice might go with the glass' design the best...)

I recently picked up a journal from the same collection as this to do list pad with cover. I love this shade of pink. I wish that the text was in silver rather than gold though. It sits on the right side of my desk.

This is the book opened. I adore the polka-dotted lining and that there is a box on each line on the pad. I enjoy checking off items on lists.

I liked these classic grey and white chevron cloth napkins a few visits ago but didn't buy them. I returned to pick them up but they didn't have them in stock on a subsequent visit or two. This is pretty much always the case at HomeGoods. Learn from me: buy it when you first see it. A red runner trimmed with roses still haunts me! Luckily, on my last visit, I immediately grabbed a set of four when I saw them on the shelf! I think they would go with my red placemats with a subtle herringbone kind of texture from Pier 1. To give you an idea of the wonderful values at HomeGoods, all four total $6.99, not $6.99 (or more) a piece like they would likely be in another store. This store is essential for entertaining in style on a budget.

I love all of my new home decor items! It was nice to spoil myself. Shopping at HomeGoods was such a fun way to celebrate my birthday.


  1. Those napkins are a steal and so chic!

  2. I love HomeGoods! Love what you got for your birthday shopping spree. Chic indeed! I got my sister a vintage champagne flute set there. You're right, you see it buy it as it might not be there the next time you go there. Cheers from California!

    1. Thank you! Speaking of a set of glasses, I scored my favorite red wine glasses on clearance there. There were six, but after near daily use over many years, I am down to two. I am following your exciting California trip on your blog and Instagram. I wouldn't mind exploring wine country myself... :) Have fun!