Sunday, March 6, 2016

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Watching All Roads Lead to Rome

I discovered a new romantic comedy starring Sarah Jessica Parker that is set in Italy in the This & That blog post of recommendations from Shannon of The Simply Luxurious Life on Friday morning. I watched All Roads Lead to Rome on my laptop via Amazon Video Saturday night. SJP's character takes her teenage daughter on a two-week vacation to Italy, removing her from a troubling situation. Her daughter runs away, desperately trying to get to the airport, taking a woman desperately trying to get to Rome with her. SJP unexpectedly runs into her old Italian boyfriend, who is also the son of the woman. This couple chases the other two, a Roma.

I enjoyed watching it. It wasn't the best movie though... Poor reviews to boot. It's just that I truly love romantic comedies. Plus, Sarah Jessica Parker is someone I adore. I also recognized her character's ex-boyfriend from the film Under the Tuscan Sun and he was wonderful eye candy. Also visually pleasing was the Italian scenery, both countryside and city. The story kept my interest and it had a happy ending, but the script was pretty bad. As a result, the chemistry and relationships between the main characters truly suffered. The acting was in place and if the dialogue had been way better, then it would have been a great, although predictable, rom-com. I always see the good in everything and even I kept thinking, oh, come on! And another thing, there is enough spoken Italian to warrant subtitles, but there aren't any. I'm glad I remember some of the language! This is a movie you pay 5 bucks for to watch it once. Shannon was right though, it was a good way to unwind this weekend. See, I was social Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, learning most of those plans only hours before, so I have had quite a busy week, trying to fit in the things I must do as well. Time spent in Italy is always an ideal escape.


  1. I had never heard of this movie! I'll have to check it out, when I'm looking for an easy rom-com. Raoul Bova is known in Italy for being more style/eye-candy than acting substance. I guess it's true with this movie too.

    1. Yeah... I was just watching part of Under the Tuscan Sun on my parents' TV while I was doing some laundry yesterday and that is probably true...