Sunday, March 20, 2016

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Chocolates from Philadelphia

Whenever I enter the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, I first pass by the windows of a kitchen where they make the chocolates on-site for Mueller's. Chocoholic that I am, it at least slows me down every time! A delight from that start! Set in the windows, they feature molded chocolate of odd things like a human organ or a tower of stacked chocolate covered treats! Catty-corner stands their long display cases filled with chocolates and other confections. 

Chocolates by Mueller

My sister, who also lived in Pennsylvania for a short period, is a fan of Mueller's. She happens to be a truly fabulous gift-giver and last Christmas, she gave me a box of chocolate creams. On my last trip to Philly, I wanted more! I took a number but since it was incredibly crowded, couldn't really move from my spot in front of the cases. Their inventory is truly vast. When it was my turn, I ordered 1/2 pound of dark chocolate creams, which resembled what my sister had given to me, plus 1/4 pound of dark chocolate vanilla butter creams. Eating my way through the city, I didn't happen to sample any on my trip. Both of my choices were decadent and delicious, just not my favorite chocolates ever. I would choose a dark chocolate Lindor ball over them. I think the consistency of the center was just a bit too liquidy for my taste. I wished it was just a bit more firm. Plus, you eat with your eyes first and these were simply not polished and pretty. Maybe I just need to order something else... Like I said, it was so busy that I couldn't see much of their remarkable selection. I certainly do not regret the purchase however. I enjoy patronizing small businesses. I savored all of the dark chocolate creams over the following week, one or two for dessert after a lunch or dinner. It was a small treat to look forward to. I did sample the vanilla variety and enjoyed them, but wanting to lose some weight before my birthday, I actually gave the majority of them to my co-workers who adore chocolate as well. 

Dark Chocolate Creams

I do look forward to returning and trying out other things, the prettier round truffles included, especially if I have a run of the entire glass case!


  1. Those look delicious. The human organs are interesting...and I see they have a chocolate covered onion?! "For the Person who is "Sweet on the outside but Nasty on the inside""...hilarious!

    1. It is kind of odd... but amusing. They do have a medical school in the area, so maybe students like those? My sister got me into this stand at the market. I think it would have taken me longer if she hadn't. She's traveling to the Philly area pretty soon on business, so she may get to stop by. I'm not sure about the chocolate-covered onion myself... I think I'll stick with the chocolate creams and truffles, maybe even chocolate-covered nuts and raisins.