Sunday, March 27, 2016

100th Simple Pleasure Sunday: Inspiring Someone with a Simple Pleasure Sunday Blog Post

This is my 100th post in the Simple Pleasure Sunday series! I love this regular feature for my lifestyle blog. How it demonstrates the concept of elevating the everyday. I feel it is an important topic to discuss as one can easily just go through the motions of his or her day-to-day life. Hours, days, weeks, months, and so on can feel like they're going too fast. But life is too short for that! Work and to do lists are important, sure, but so is balance. Life should be full of beautiful moments. You can seek pleasure and happiness by savoring the little things in life. You can slow down and use your senses to appreciate something you adore. For a moment, you can make a conscious decision to live intentionally and fully. If I can do it weekly on my budget, then anyone can! Especially since these are not big events or purchases but everyday pleasures. They can be found everywhere. I have listed links to all my simple pleasures published so far. It is my hope that you will indulge in a little luxury.

A lot of my readers are reveling in simple pleasures already. I enjoy reading comments on this kind of blog post. It makes me smile whenever I inspire someone to try something new or redo something that he or she hasn't done in years or even learn that a reader loves the item or experience too.

Check out my previous 99 simple pleasures...
1. Hosting a Wine and Cheese Event
2. Hot Chocolate
3. Manicure
4. Breakfast This Morning
5. Paris Amour Body Lotion
6. One of My Dad's Specialties for Dinner
7. Time at My Favorite Coffee Shop
8. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies a la Mode
9. Pinterest
10. French Films
11. Taking Something Off My To Do List
12. Professional Pedicure
13. Haagen-Dazs Gelato
14. How I Met Your Mother
15. Ferrero Rocher
16. Flower in the Bathroom
17. Guest Post: Colored Glass
18. Dressing Up
19. Chocolates from Paris
20. Red Roses
21. My Balcony
22. An Delivery
23. Godiva Chocolate Truffles
24. Happy by Pharrell Williams
25. Antipasti
26. Kindle Movie Rental
27. Bookcase to Bar Project: Part 1
28. New Hairstyle
29. Dolle's Caramel Popcorn
30. Chocolate Marquis
31. Bookcase to Bar Project: Part 2
32. Rosé Wine During Summertime
33. Sunflowers
34. Buying School Supplies
35. My Pasta Specialty for Lunch
36. Dinner Out Saturday Night
37. Cappuccino and Cake at Vaccaro's
38. The Love Punch
39. Breakfast in Bed
40. Chocolate Croissant from Starbucks
41. Publishing a Blog Post
42. Chocolate Marquis, Again!
43. Watching Home Alone
44. Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
45. theSkimm
46. Watching a Movie at Home
47. Poinsettias
48. My Favorite Chocolate Truffle
49. Dressing Up for Everyday
50. Dinner Party for Two
51. Pizza Dinner
52. Sipping a Glass of Red Wine
53. Beef and Broccoli Repeat
54. Reading a Good Book
55. Watching a Hugh Grant Movie
56. Pain au Chocolat
57. Small St. Patrick's Day Celebration
58. Planning My Birthday Shopping Spree: Wish List
59. Chick fil A
60. Bunny Ears for Easter Breakfast
61. Red Roses
62. Professional Pedicure
63. Birthday Tulips
64. Flowering Scrubs
65. Free Amazon Prime Instant Video
66. Coffee Date with a Friend
67. Chocolate Cake
68. Dining Out
69. Doritos
70. Badminton
71. Berry Blood Orange Margarita
72. Browsing HomeGoods
73. Pizza like in Italy
74. Shopping at a Farmer's Market
75. Bruschetta
76. Gelato
77. Reading a Book I Can't Put Down
78. Reading about Living in a New Place
79. Forbidden Chocolate Double Thick Milkshake
80. Michelle Time at My Favorite Coffee Shop
81. Seeing a Movie in a Theater
82. Reading a Magazine
83. Reading Jennifer's Latest Book
84. Watching Kate Spade #missadventure Videos
85. Watching Last Love
86. Baci Chocolates
87. Holiday Pinterest Project
88. Sipping My First Hot Chocolate of the Season
89. Staying Up Late Reading a Book
90. An Hour at My Favorite Coffee Shop
91. Reading This Love Letter to INFJs
92. Sipping Hot Chocolate while Snowed In
93. Wearing a Ciao Bella Sleepwear Top
94. Watching the Puppy Bowl
95. Watching Chocolat
96. Planning a Trip(s) to Philadelphia
97. Watching All Roads Lead to Rome
98. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti
99. Chocolates from Philadelphia


  1. What fun! Congrats to your 100th post of SPS's! I love going through your posts and it's making me doing the same to enjoy the simple pleasures more and writing it all down. Cheers!

    1. Thank you! Like I said, I truly love inspiring someone to savor something small and live the life he or she wants on an everyday basis. I appreciate you letting me know.