Sunday, February 7, 2016

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Watching the Puppy Bowl

Dog lover that I am, I look forward to the Puppy Bowl much more than the Superbowl or even its commercials. When I learned that I could watch its "virtual reality" from Friday's newsletter from theSkimm, I knew that I would both stream it on my laptop and write about it as my simple pleasure for the week.

The Puppy Bowl is a bunch of puppy players divided into the two teams Fluff and Ruff on a small football field with toys. An announcer and a referee talk about all the action, including tackles and touchdowns.

Unfortunately, even though there were so many articles promoting it, the whole game actually wasn't posted online. Instead, there were many features such as a pre-game show, player profiles, select videos of highlights, and a "live" locker room cam on the website. I wasted some time perusing the site on this Sunday afternoon. It was a nice break from my quite productive morning and early afternoon.

You can catch the cuteness on TV though. Puppy Bowl XII started at 3 today, Sunday, February 7th on Animal Planet. This show supports pet adoption.

Animal Planet via Mashable
Meet Marley, 
a 14-week old Labrador Retriever on Team Ruff.
...might be my favorite...

I will be catching the human Superbowl. Yes, on an actual TV, while doing my laundry at my parents' place this evening. Since I was unable to live stream it online, I will definitely arrive earlier to catch an hour or so of an encore presentation of the Puppy Bowl on their TV...

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