Thursday, February 11, 2016

Links I Love: February

I wanted to share these lovely links, all of which are inspired by the current month of February.

February reminds me of...

* Carnevale, which makes me think of Venice.
I love this blog post about happy hour Venetian-style. []
* Valentine's Day and love.
Check out this post about the INFJ and romantic relationships. []
* Valentine's Day and chocolate.
At least consider this recipe for these beautiful Cocoa Nib Truffles. []
* Valentine's Day and roses.
I adore the passionate red rose. [Velvet Rose by David Hie on]
* Valentine's Day and red.
I've always wanted a classic red lip, especially in my 30s. In some preliminary online research, I like the cult classic Ruby Woo by MAC or the idea of channeling Gwen Stefani with Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Ravishing Red by L'Oréal [ and]. Also check out how Kate rocks a bold lip. My budget loves how she names a cheap dupe for Ruby Woo. []
* Valentine's Day and pink.
* poverty and wish lists.
Since many people do not move in during January, I do not collect much commission during February. During my poorest month, I lust after many wants languishing on my amazon Wish List, my Shopping List on my phone and some of my Pinterest boards. For example, I bought two of these Red Spiral Line Short Tumblers years and years ago and would love another two for a set of four. Perfect for rum and cokes! []

I hope you enjoy them! Have a fabulous February!


  1. Great links! I'm saving the psychologyjunkie page. My opening line on my online dating profile, "I'm an ISFP!", was what caught my now-husband's eye :) Curiously enough, I'm not sure what his MBTI type is!
    Kate has some great bold lip looks! Wet n Wild has some very nice products. I like the lipsticks & eyeshadows.

    1. Grazie! I don't normally follow that site, but since I read so much about the INFJ type, I think I probably come across their posts... It is good. Ha! I think "INFJ" found its way into the middle of my dating profile at one time in one of my subscriptions.

      Kate is also my friend in real life and she always looks beautiful in her choices in person. I had a paper route when I was 12 so I've had my own money for awhile, but middle school was probably the last time I purchased a Wet n Wild product... In my post of my current beauty products, you will see that I do use cheap ones. I think I will check out their lipstick to give the pop of color a try. It makes me nervous as I like being an observer, so not so into standing out. ...but a red lip is such a classic look and an easy way to primp for a night out that I must give it a shot. Wish me luck!

  2. Many years had also gone by for me until I purchased the limited edition Wet n Wild products that I have. Last night I decided to play around with one of my reds...when my husband got home, he said, "Wow! Your lips are bright!" Lol I usually wear neutral or muted lipcolors.
    Go for it and have fun! If your Target carries NYC (New York Color), check out the lipstick in Retro Red. It's like a buck or 2!

    1. Target had NYC, but I still wanted to try Stoplight Red by Wet n Wild at the same price point first. Target didn't have that particular one yesterday, but I bought it at Walgreens this morning. Been productive today and about to leave to do laundry/spend time with family, so I haven't tried it yet. I'll let you know what I think ...and any reactions!