Monday, February 22, 2016

Book Review: I'll See You in Paris

Since I simply adored A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable a year ago, I jumped at the chance to pre-order the Kindle version of her new novel I'll See You in Paris back in October. Released on February 9th, I read it in less than a week. It was good. It actually got me back into reading, which I was starting to miss. You see, I had started a couple of books in December or possibly January and since they were just a bit dry and dense, I was getting very far through. I carried just enough guilt in not reading these books to stop me from picking up another. I'll probably finish them since I do want to have read them and they are on topics I usually cannot get enough of. Anyway, it was fantastic to have such a page-turner download on my Kindle that I had been waiting for for months.

It is the story of a few women of different generations. These main characters are connected and by learning about the historical one, the youngest finally discovers facts in her own life. I don't want to give too much away if you would like to read it.

I was pleased with myself when I figured out how the characters were related in the subtle hints before the bigger giveaways and definitely before the conversations revealed each connection. But, honestly, this book is not very predictable. In fact, I was shocked by a couple of events. Although once I had read them, I thought how much they made sense. I highly recommend this engaging book.

I prefer A Paris Apartment for a few reasons. For one, it's truly set in Paris, a city I adore. The author's latest does make its way to Paris, but spends the bulk of time in a village in the English countryside. Secondly, it's about art history, which I studied for years, where the new book centers more around literature. Thirdly, I preferred the personality of the characters in the first book a bit more. One of the second book's main characters was said to be one of the most beautiful and interesting women in the world. I was a bit disappointed not to be reading about her glamorous lifestyle since she transformed into an incredibly insane individual who lived in quite the mess. She was fascinating nonetheless. There is a bit of overlap in the historical figures as the author is captivated by this certain era in history. I may have to reread A Paris Apartment this spring! Furthermore, I am firmly a fan of this author and look forward to her next book.


  1. Thank you for the review. I just requested this from my library and look forward to reading it.