Sunday, January 31, 2016

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Wearing a Ciao Bella Sleepwear Top. And a Blog Announcement

On Wednesday morning, I was in Target cutting through the sleepwear section to get to the socks that were on my shopping list and braked for this cute gray v-neck t-shirt depicting a coral-colored vespa with a basket filled with flowers and the words Ciao Bella written underneath...

Decal detail.

Women's Sleepwear Knit Tee by Gilligan & O'Malley from Target
There's a 25% off Cartwheel app discount on women's sleepwear that I noticed today 
and expires on February 6th.

Usually, I employ self-discipline and don't buy anything not on my list, but I just had to make an exception for this cuteness. I don't own a lot of anything, pajamas included, so it was nice to add a piece. I've already worn it a few nights. Not into graphic prints much, I tend to like plain items or something with a classic print like stripes, polka dots or maybe quatrefoils. And the color must be just right. I prefer to be sophisticated rather than quirky, so I really have to like something when it's novelty. This might be my favorite sleepwear top to go with my printed Gilligan & O'Malley pajama pants for the next couple of seasons...

I've been working on some social media for this blog lately. I created a new Instagram account and facebook page. This Instagram account is different from my personal one. Please follow @theitaliagal on Instagram and facebook. I have also started a new Pinterest board on my personal Pinterest account. (If the owner of is truly not using her account and is reading this, then please consider deleting your account because I would simply love it.) I will post little extras on these sites. On IG, feel free to tag me using @theitaliagal. Or I would love for you to tag your own simple pleasures with #simplepleasuresunday. 

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