Monday, January 18, 2016

Holiday Decor 2015

I enjoy decking the halls for the holidays. I even have a tradition of watching Home Alone on my laptop while I put it all up. Kevin McCallister is wonderful company. This year, I left my decorations up until almost Epiphany, which is January 6th and the day Italians wrap up their Christmas season.

Limited to a low budget, I did initially wish that I had more decor, but after reading a few thoughts from fellow bloggers, I now feel better about my decorations. In a December newsletter, Shannon of The Simply Luxurious Life advocated in this area that less is more. Her two benefits were less time to decorate but more time to enjoy as well as being budget-friendly. In her book, A Chic and Simple Christmas, Fiona of how to be chic explains how you can choose to appreciate the elaborate displays from others, but you may elect to embrace simplicity at home. She highly recommends selecting a festive yet elegant piece you love. I wanted to share how I decorated for Christmas. The theme is mainly red and silver with accents of white and gold. Many items are old. Check out these 20 photos...

My Christmas tree with a couple of my gifts under it: 
a Euro Slide passport wallet in Garnet from Hobo and a trunk of Ghirardelli chocolate products.

One of my Philadelphia ornaments.

A Christmasy corner in my living room.

The tealights inside these gorgeous new candle holders are scent North Pole by Yankee Candle.

My Christmasy coffee table decorations go with my regular sofa pillows.

My chic yet cheap coffee table centerpiece consisted of 
little red ornaments in three glass vases 
as well as little silver jingle bells in one drinking glass and bigger bells in another.

My view from my favorite spot on my sofa.

A little stocking from my college days hung on my coffee table drawer knob.

One of my end tables topped with a holiday teddy bear, a red jar candle (a rose sent by Yankee Candle), and an old candle holder acting as a candy dish of red and green M&Ms.

Ferrero Rocher chocolates on a holiday plate, a box of Rheb's chocolates from my grandfather,
and a white North Pole small tumbler candle by Yankee Candle topped my other end table.

I love this plate. It reads, "eat, drink and be very merry."

An assorted box of Rheb's chocolates.

Most of my Christmas cards on my bulletin board at my desk.

A couple of red berry stems in a vase on a shelf of my bookcase.

Branches of red berries in my beloved white pitcher make a centerpiece for my dining table.
(Read more about this Pinterest project here.)

A little sprig of red berries on my wine holder.

A towel featuring a recipe for cookies for Santa on my oven door handle 
was a gift from a previous year.

A holiday plate and bowl front and center inside my kitchen cabinet.

My beautiful Christmas cards from Hallmark that I sent out for the 2015 holiday.

After Christmas, I bought a few items on clearance. I scored a couple of rolls of coordinating silver and white holiday wrapping paper and a box of white string lights for cheap.


  1. I love your holiday displays Michelle - they strike the perfect balance between festive and chic, beautifully unfussy yet cosy and twinkly. I especially love your five mercury glass tea-light holders. What a great idea to have little items sprinkled around such as your bowl and plate, chocolates (YUM!), tea towel etc.

    1. Merci, Madame! Those candle holders are gorgeous lit up on a winter night and do contribute to a warm atmosphere. I have teased guests that I have to have chocolate stashed in every room! Apparently, I cannot be far away!

  2. Wow, Home Alone, I haven't seen that movie in years! I need to watch that again, for old times' sake! I think you have a nice amount of decorations. I love how you have little things here and there. Your Christmas cards are lovely!

    1. You do! I love Kevin McCallister! Do you know how many times I pretended to slap aftershave on my face and screamed in the mirror as a kid? Countless! Even though I adore Love Actually and The Holiday which are set during Christmas, I feel like I could watch them anytime, so Home Alone is my favorite Christmas movie.

      Thank you for your nice comments. I love those cards! I should have bought another box! I also purchased holiday stamps with a cute gingerbread house on each.

    2. Ok, so I requested the dvd from the library. Lol It's not Christmas anymore but hey, why not! My brother, sister and I watched it so many times bc we had the VHS but it's been so long, I can barely remember it.

      I had some of those gingerbread house stamps! Those are very cute.

    3. I'm excited for you! You know you should make/bake/order a good pizza margherita for your viewing! Kevin who loves his plain cheese pizza would approve!

  3. Lovely Christmas decor! I like the coffee table display...very simple & chic and who doesn't love jingle bells? :)

    1. Thank you! I love that arrangement using just a bit of creativity. Those jingle bells have been a part of a couple different displays.

      My little stocking actually had a little bell and it rang whenever I touched the drawer.

  4. I love this! It looks perfectly cozy and festive!

  5. VERY nice! I like your style. Also because my little tree has the same color scheme. ;-)

    1. Thank you! The tree is mainly red balls that I've had for years and my special ornaments mixed in. It's topped with a silver and frosted plastic star that is also old. I grew up with large Christmas trees with color lights and star, overloaded with mismatched ornaments and a lot of silver tinsel, but I love my simple 4 foot tree with white lights mainly decorated with a color theme. I'm not sure if I could stray from the red, but silver and white piques my interest as well.

  6. I think this is lovely and so well edited. It's calming even. Well done!

    1. Thank you! I was trying my best with what I had with a few new items I could work into the budget when they went on sale and/or had a free shipping offer. I'm so glad it turned out in a way everyone loves. It makes me feel so much better about it! I only keep items I love.

  7. I really like these Christmas decoration ideas. Everything is looking fabulous especially the tree decorations. I also attended a Christmas party at best party venue Houston TX and enjoyed a hell lot there. Party planner at that party did all decorations on her own.