Sunday, November 8, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Watching Kate Spade #missadventure Videos

I adore the Kate Spade New York #missadventure videos starring actress Anna Kendrick. The script is funny, plus the fashion is fabulous. I love her celebrity co-stars too. And I can't forget the dog! All of the short films are set during the holiday season and four have been released so far. Let's hope there's more!

The first one is my favorite...

The second episode...

The third one...

And finally the fourth...
Only Anna Kendrick can tell someone she looks mean and then make friends with her!

I realize that these are first world problems, but I like that the message is making the best of any situation.

I love the Kate Spade brand for its aesthetic. I do own the Kate Spade 2015 planner that I use daily. It allows me to stay on top of my home chores, beauty regime and social activities, in style. I love the exterior stripes, interior dots and monthly messages. Next year's agenda is actually on my amazon wishlist. A friend also gave me a Kate Spade candle, which is long gone, but I kept its candle-holder, which has polka dots and reads "Escape the ordinary." Maybe I'll own more from this lovely brand someday... I think I would opt for a classic black leather tote over the ($400!) gnome clutch from episode 3 (even though I have loved gnomes since watching David the Gnome before PM kindergarten!).


  1. One of my goals for 2016 is to actually stick to a beauty regime. I'm thinking a 1x weekly spa night in addition to daily basic upkeep, but would be very interested to learn what beauty reminders you schedule in your planner!

    I'm sure making written appointments with yourself helps you actually stick to your goals! I may have to try that, in pen, in my Lilly Pulitzer planner.

    1. This is a fantastic idea for a blog post! I have added the topic to my list and will write about it. I'll try to publish it during January, so that you may consider using my tips throughout 2016. Grazie!