Sunday, November 29, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Holiday Pinterest Project

As part of my Christmas decor this year, I wanted to recreate this simple faux floral arrangement that I found on Pinterest. This is not the first time a pin has inspired a holiday centerpiece.

A white pitcher acts as a vase for several branches of red berries. I intended this to serve as a centerpiece for my dining room table. I love to use red berries as decoration during winter, which is fitting since my holiday decor is usually red with touches of white and silver.

I recreated this DIY project today. This is my version...

After I threw a load of laundry in the washer at my parents' place this afternoon, I borrowed a vehicle and drove to Michaels. In addition to some pieces that will make my Christmas gifts quite cute, I purchased five stems of red berries. They were only $3.99 a stem! When I returned home, I removed all the green leaves and then shortened the stems with a pair of pliers. I also cut off the clusters with white spots, where they had lost their red glaze. Next, I found a piece of styrofoam in a closet which I cut smaller with a kitchen knife and placed inside the pitcher. Then, I tried my best to arrange the stems into basically a dome, poking the ends into the foam a bit. Even though it is much more full than my inspiration, it could still benefit from a sixth stem... I was also happy to utilize my beloved white pitcher from HomeGoods. It tends to hold flowers much more than a beverage. I like how this arrangement turned out and I think I'll keep it on the table throughout the season...

While I do enjoy decorating my home a bit for Christmas, I simply haven't yet. I usually accomplish this activity sometime during the week of Thanksgiving, so it feels late to me. Other than this project, I only have a red berry wreath hanging on my front door so far. I was waiting for the opportunity to acquire these red berries, sure, but I think I have wanted to embrace autumn a little bit longer this year. We had 60 degree (F) weather only yesterday! It feels more like winter today in the 40s though. Also, I kinda wanted to photograph my apartment home as it normally is, before decking my halls, but the light wasn't good today on my day off, rainy all day. Plus, a cloudy day is forecasted tomorrow, my other day off. It's been awhile since I showed my home on the blog and I'm so intent on moving out of town. It was a dream come true to have my own apartment and I do want to capture the home I created. Really, my holiday decor is fairly minimal due to a tight budget. Anyway, I'm sure Christmas spirit will take over me pretty soon and I will indulge in my decorating tradition. ...hopefully fueled by my first cup of hot chocolate!

*Edit: I bought a sixth stem Monday afternoon ...and what a difference it makes!


  1. How lovely! Yours turned out much better than the inspiration photo. :)

    1. Thank you! Yesterday, I liked it but didn't love it. I wasn't completely confident about mine since the inspiration project is about a pop of color, sure, but the overall feel is light and airy. The branches I picked up were the best ones in the store, but so full of clusters. My version turned out differently. It's bold and all about abundance. Anyway, these comments helped me. Plus, I added a sixth stem today and since the pitcher is now full, it looks more complete. I love it now.

  2. Oh so elegantly displayed in your own apartment! I love the contrast of the red and white, of course. Looking forward to seeing more of how you capture your cozy home. It's nice to see some inspiration too. Cheers.

    1. Thank you! Elegant? Cozy? You can stop by my blog anytime, Ping! :)

      The sun will reappear this Thursday. Maybe with much better light, I can take pictures soon...