Monday, October 19, 2015

Book Review: Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume was on my summer reading list and I did read it during August. Having ordered a cheap paperback copy, I intended to read it lying on the beach. Busy during this particular season, I managed to schedule a day to hit a beach just about half an hour's drive away, but, unfortunately, ended up canceling to visit my grandfather in the hospital instead (who is now OK). It would have been the perfect beach read. I remember reading a bit of it outside though, while tanning in my parents' backyard. Anyway, it was good and I recommend it.

It's the story of two very different young girlfriends who spend their summers together on Martha's Vineyard. Most of the book is a flashback. I am drawn to books that depict a long friendship. This work of fiction keeps your interest throughout. The characters feel real and the reader can relate to them or at least their situations. Who describes adolescence better than Judy Blume? She talks about coming of age and anything sex-related so frankly. Pick up this salacious book but save it for summer.

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