Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Fall!

Today is the last day of summer. To honor this in a fun little way, I thought I would share some snapshots of the food and drink I enjoyed this past season. A lot of people adore the holiday season, but summer is my favorite time for food.

When my friend F was in town, we hit a new restaurant specializing in... meatballs. You customize your meal, choosing your meat, vehicle, sauce and topping. I selected beef meatballs on rigatoni with tomato sauce topped with red peppers. It was solidly good. The meatballs were well-seasoned. The whole thing is a fun idea and at a decent value. I plan to return.

The two of us also sipped blood orange margaritas on my balcony. I drink this special cocktail throughout the summer. Pink and delicious.

Also on her trip and on our way to Annapolis, I showed F my favorite coffee shop. I love both bringing friends as well as having some "me time" here. This is my usual: a large cappuccino in a mug and a chocolate croissant. They're very well done.

In downtown Annapolis, this is my French Dip for lunch at a place called McGarvey's. I rarely dine out due to budget, so when I do, it's a special occasion to be relished.

I adore antipasti... And it's such an easy, breezy meal for a laid-back summer evening. I think this was the one for me and F. It can be cheap (like it was here) or an extravagant indulgence.

This is my favorite sandwich, pit beef. I picked this one up at the local carnival and then savored its smoky taste at home.

Read about these two scoops of gelato here.

I am writing a few blog posts, some concerning these seasons. First, sometime this week, I hope to publish a couple of posts on new recipes, one I have tried and the other I plan to do. I have written one, but want to make this quick dish again so I can take a halfway decent photograph when I have morning sunshine. The sliding glass door and windows of my apartment face northeast so I get a bit more natural light in the AM. Plus, it's been cloudy lately. In addition, I need to wrap up the summer in other ways. I haven't forgotten about reviews of the books on my summer reading list! Expect a post about how successful my summer capsule wardrobe was, including any additions, subtractions, and replacements. Also, I have been working on my capsule wardrobe for Fall 2015 and hope to get it up later this week as well. I will reveal a surprise on an upcoming Sunday. Definitely stay tuned!

I prefer fall to summer. It's not as hot outside. I'm drawn to the image below from my affinity for walking. I would enjoy taking an autumnal stroll on this sidewalk. Shoulder season is recommended for (cheaper, less crowded, more pleasant) travel. Plus, I love the clothing... A 3/4 sleeve tee and jeans with a jacket, scarf and ballet flats is a personal uniform and finally weather-appropriate. I hope you have an amazing autumn!

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