Sunday, August 30, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Gelato

Welcome back! I hope you guys enjoyed your summer. I can hardly wait to share some of my memories! Thank you for sticking with me; I really needed to take a couple of things off my plate. I'm excited to develop a habit of blogging regularly and am inspired to publish many posts that I have in mind.

I had been wanting to make this Simple Pleasure Sunday post about radiant sunflowers arranged in a large white pitcher. I bought a bunch of sunflowers the Saturday before last, but wanted a few more, so purchased another five stems the following Tuesday. I picked them up not fully bloomed, with the petals sticking up rather than out. ...they have yet to open. I keep them in a sunny spot: on a small table next to my sliding glass door as well as trim the stalks at an angle and change the water mixed with some plant food every couple of days. I'm unsure what went wrong. Frantically searching for answers on Google, from now on, I will never trim flower stems without each end submerged in water. If you don't, then they could create air pockets that prevent water absorption. I'm learning... Maybe they'll still open... Perhaps I can still save them by cutting them really short and placing some of them in a small planter. When I saw this particular pitcher in the store, I immediately pictured it holding sunflowers. I usually bring home a bouquet of sunflowers once a year. They're a celebration of (late) summer.

Back on August 8th, I actually had a Saturday off! If you can believe it. I called Elizabeth pretty soon after learning this amazing fact. We had a successful fall wardrobe shopping trip at the Annapolis Mall and then went out to lunch at Maggiano's. After our meal, we stopped at the nearby Italian Market for gelato, which I got her hooked on in Paris. I ordered two scoops, one of stracciatella, which is cream with chocolate shavings, topped with a scoop of chocolate. It was decadent and delicious. We savored our ice cream at a table outside. I didn't even finish the generous portion. It was a perfect ending to our outing. If I couldn't post about sunflowers, gelato is definitely another summery treat worth writing about in my return post.


  1. Hi Michelle! For some reason my comment didn't go through the other post, oh well. Hope this one goes through.
    I'm so glad that you could take a break. And why not eat gelato and buy radiant sunflowers during the summer? You sure know your simple pleasures. I love this post and had the pleasure of reading it. Cheers, Ping