Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book Review: Ideas for Creating a Luxurious Home on a Budget

I highly recommend the eBook Ideas for Creating a Luxurious Home on a Budget by Tracy Lee, the blogger behind Have Less. Do More. This short book is full of wonderful ideas for a elegant home. ...that are actually doable! I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas from each of her five chapters. In addition, I wished to show a couple of small home projects that her fourth chapter inspired.

The first chapter is about decluttering. If you follow my blog, then you know that I agree how a decluttered home can be spacious.

Tracy mentions a cleaning schedule in her second chapter. This is something that I've adopted, but am still tweaking due to a busy and changing work schedule.

I can see her third chapter inspiring major change in my home(s) in the future. I love the idea of hanging a chandelier over the dining room table. I also adore architectural details such as crown molding. Maybe using a bit of summer commission soon, I will consider adding an orchid as a glamorous touch to my home. I like the idea of using white paint (or even silver...) to transform knick-knacks into modern decorations, which I will keep in mind in setting the table when entertaining. Having a bookcase bar myself, I approve of the idea of repurposing a cart as a sophisticated bar. Perhaps most of all, I agree that quality linens are important. In fact, I plan to improve my bedding as late as Christmas this year. Right now, my white fitted sheet of a low thread count was picked up cheaply from Target and doesn't match the nicer white flat sheet of a set I used to own. Additionally, my nearly-four-year-old white comforter was scored cheaply from HomeGoods and is very lumpy inside the duvet. I would love to save up and upgrade with this one from Garnet Hill.

The fourth chapter on curb appeal inspired a couple minor home projects. Since I live in an apartment, I don't have a yard, but I do have a balcony and front door. Visitors see my balcony first as it faces the front of the building, right next to the building entrance. Around the time summer officially started, I budgeted for and purchased a couple of geraniums to fill my two terra cotta pots, one white and the other red. The blooms are prolific throughout the summer!

Coming up on my four-year anniversary in my home and only possessing a holiday wreath from Target for my front door before, I finally purchased one for another season. A glorious sunflower one for summer. It reminds me of Tuscan sunflower fields that I've seen in pictures. I ordered this stunning wreath from etsy shop KBhomecrafts. I know Tracy would have wanted me to make my own, sorry! Although without this book, it is likely that I would not have researched and saved up for any door decor. Now, I smile every time I approach my door.

My favorite part of the fifth chapter serves as my reminder to "dine al fresco more often" or even simply take a beverage of my choice on my balcony.

If you own a house, I think you would even find this book even more helpful than I did since I limited to what I am allowed to do because I rent an apartment home. Whatever your home and budget, it's nice to know that with some effort, your home can be luxurious.


  1. I lobe this! These are simple and practical tips that can have a big impact! I'd love to see the bookcase bar, as I'm unfamiliar with what this might look like? Love the sunflower wreath-- my favorite flowers! It must be great to see those first thing every time you walk into your home.

    1. Erm... That should say, I LOVE this! Pardon the typo!

  2. What a great review, Michelle. I enjoyed Tracy's ebook too and I love the ideas you have put into place. Your balcony is gorgeous and the Tuscan sunflowers on your door fabulous. Brava!

  3. Michelle, thank you so much for your gracious review! I'm so glad my tips were helpful. I love your balcony and the cheery wreath on the door!