Sunday, June 28, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Browsing HomeGoods

I just survived a really long week. Not only did I have busy days at work, I was also obligated to dogsit each evening as well as all day on Sunday. On top of a full schedule, things went wrong. And then, when they did, they took entirely too long to fix. It was a long and frustrating week. Unfortunately, as I work Monday, I don't even have a two-day weekend as usual to relax. (The upcoming 4th of July weekend will be a three-day weekend though!) I believe that balance in life is key. I am happy that I strive to cultivate simple pleasures, to try to make each day enjoyable. One that I indulged in this week that I haven't focused on in this Simple Pleasure series is browsing my favorite store HomeGoods which I squeezed in during Wednesday evening.

I make an effort to both decorate and keep my apartment nice. My house is truly my castle, my chateau or villa if you will! So, I love a store like HomeGoods that is packed full of home furnishings often refreshed with multiple shipments each week at discounted prices. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing, going down nearly every aisle. Knowing I wanted a professional pedicure during my weekend (which I had this morning and the color I chose was Haute in the Heat by Essie) and still trying to add a couple items to my summer capsule wardrobe, I did not have any room in my budget to make a purchase. Next time I go, I will. Maybe I'll replace my laundry tote, purchase a pretty bundt pan or pick up a specialty food item or home accessory to aid in entertaining fabulously this summer. And anyway, I wanted many items, but didn't have to have any of them this time. I rarely borrow a vehicle, so an outing like this, to browse not even to shop, that is just for fun, not particularly productive, only occurs every once in awhile. Because it's rather rare, it was out of the ordinary and felt a bit special.

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