Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

What's black and white and chic all over?

Hopefully my spring capsule wardrobe this year!

I am addicted to Pinterest and often click on the Women's Fashion category. Check out my Style: Clothing board. Lately, the outfits I am drawn to are black and white, so that is what I want to wear right now. I know that this is usual for me, so I will change it up just a bit this summer as I'm seriously considering going more Mediterranean, wearing white and blue with pops of warm color. I've already ordered a blue and white printed dress. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I delayed this post until after shopping around my April 15th birthday. Then, when I went to work on it, life delayed me multiple times. As a result, this post will be far from perfect. Sometimes, good enough is good enough. I imagine I will be publishing my summer wardrobe post soon, as early as Memorial Day weekend which is this month!

Basically, I follow the rules for a capsule wardrobe used by Jennifer of The Daily Connoisseur and author of the books entitled Lessons from Madame Chic and At Home with Madame Chic. Check out her fashion show here. Although, mine is much more than ten items, double that in fact, and I have separate collections of clothing for spring and summer since Maryland enjoys four distinct seasons.

See what I wore this season last year here. Going from a 22-item wardrobe for spring 2014 to just 20 in 2015, I am improving. Maybe I'll get to just 10-15 core items every season one day...

My spring capsule wardrobe and some of my extras fill half of one of my closets, 
with space in between each hanger.

Michelle's 20-Item Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

1. white short sleeve shirt from Ann Taylor

2. white 3/4 sleeve shirt from New York & Company Outlet

3. new pink and white printed Ashton shirt from The Limited*

4. pink and black printed wrap top from Ann Taylor Factory Store

5. lavender and white striped short sleeve shirt from Ann Taylor

6. black sheer lace Baroque top from Express

7. black top with sheer short sleeves and scarf from White House Black Market

8. black straight leg pants in Classic Fit by Merona from Target

9. dark gray pants from Ann Taylor Factory Store

10. black ankle pants by Mossimo from Target (tailored shorter)

11. petite bootcut jeans from Ann Taylor

12. Levi's 515 bootcut jeans with studded back pockets from Kohl's**

13. new Levi's 515 regular length bootcut jeans in Lights Out from JCPenney

14. denim skirt by Liz Claiborne from JCPenney

15. white eyelet A-line skirt from Ann Taylor Factory Store

16. black and white printed pleated skirt by INC from Macy's

17. dark gray pencil skirt from H & M

18. black pencil skirt by Banana Republic thrifted from Second Time Around

19. black paneled skirt from The Limited

20. black wrap dress from Ann Taylor



1. white scoop neck short sleeve tee from LOFT

2. new white scoop neck short sleeve tee from Boden

3. white scoop neck short sleeve tee with black horizontal stripes from H & M

4. dark gray boat neck 3/4 sleeve tee with white horizontal stripes from H & M

5. gray boat neck 3/4 sleeve tee from LOFT Outlet

6. black short sleeve tee with extra fabric at neckline and waist from Ann Taylor Factory Store

7. black scoop neck short sleeve tee from Ann Taylor Factory Store

8. black scoop neck short sleeve tee form LOFT

9. black v-neck short sleeve tee by Merona from Target


1. terra cotta half silk, half cashmere by Tie Rack London

2. dark pink

3. red pashmina from The Limited

4. red dotted from Target

5. purple

6. ivory

7. new tile print polyester from The Limited

8. black with white polka dots


1. black/brown reversible from Target

2. black skinny bow belt from White House Black Market

3. black wide braid from The Limited


1. new black crewneck by Merona from Target

2. dark pink crewneck from LOFT Outlet

3. black crewneck in Italian Cashmere from J.Crew


1-4. "new white" Sonoma Life + Style Everyday Cami's from Kohl's 

5. white from LOFT

6. ivory silky and lacy from White House Black Market

7. dark pink Sonoma Life + Style from Kohl's

8. slightly darker pink from LOFT Outlet

9. deep red from LOFT Outlet

10. black silky and lacy from White House Black Market

11. black with white polka dots and black lace trim from White House Black Market

12. black from LOFT Outlet

13. black with lace trim from Ann Taylor Factory Store

14. black Sonoma Life + Style from Kohl's


Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere


Shoes: Sandals, Flats, Heels, Boots (17); Outerwear: Blazers; Jackets; Trenches; Handbags; Wallets (2); Sunglasses (2); Jewelry; Bras (8); Panties; Tights; Socks; Shapewear; Sleepwear; Robes (2); Lingerie; Activewear; Etc.

1. new black Ocaun ballet flats from Aldo

2. new Lolleea Wedge Sandal in Silver by Unisa from DSW

3. new black Knit Blazer by Stylus from JCPenney

4. new Hatchet tote in Midnight Black from Aldo

5. new black Sadie wallet by Hobo from Nordstrom

Special Occasion Clothing and ivory printed pencil skirt from Ann Taylor Factory Store

2. blue ruffled neckline sleeveless shirt from Ann Taylor Factory Store

Easter Sunday Feast Outfit

3. black sleeveless dress with pleats from neckline by Mossimo from Target

4. black sleeveless dress with white polka dots and ruffle on either side of square neckline by Worthington from JCPenney

5. black and white floral printed and striped full skirt from The Limited

6. black dress with fabric folds from White House Black Market

* I ordered the Printed Ashton Blouse online and since it was a bright color, a print plus a different fabric, it was a risk. Luckily, it worked out. I will wear it this spring and then consider it for next spring. I am used to clothing being fitted, so it takes some getting used to as it is a blouse featuring a loose fit. My waist is more defined when I top it with my dark gray blazer. I know it's not the stylish staple of the nude shirt by Equipment, but I feel "grown up" in it.

** I bought a similar pair of these on eBay fairly recently. Wanting to keep numbers down, I stored that pair away. I happened to chose to include the lighter pair from Kohl's as a core item for the spring.

*** I own one more scarf, but since it's heavier, I stowed it away until next winter.

Here's how a casual look comes together...

This is Michelle as a thirtysomething.
Black blazer from JCPenney, white tee from Boden, blue jeans from Ann Taylor, 
black flats from Aldo, CZ studs from The Limited.
I love every item, separately and together.

Add a dark pink scarf and black tote from Aldo
and I'm ready to go out, to run an errand for example.
I love neutrals but still need a pop of vibrant and warm color.