Sunday, May 3, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Flowering Shrubs

I am so happy it is spring. I make sure I get out and enjoy both the flowers and fine weather, especially over the last three days. I walked to a store after work on Friday and Saturday. After this errand on Saturday evening, I sipped a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon while catching up with social media on my phone, seated at my bistro set on my balcony. Sunday morning, I squeezed in a 15 minute walk through a neighborhood in 62 degree weather for both exercise and to see the azaleas now in bloom. The dark yet bright pink azalea is my favorite flower and they usually bloom around my mid-April birthday. Unlike the neighborhood where I grew up with every other yard decorated by the white, light pink, dark pink or purple flowering bushes at least, I only saw six front yards with this specific plant on my stroll today. I snapped this photo of an old bush (that's been there as far back as I can remember) in front of my parents' place, now sparse since a nearby tree has grown to block its sunlight. Nonetheless, their cheerful color still makes me smile.

Sunday afternoon, I attended my family's cookout, dining al fresco, in 79 degree weather (wearing new sparkly sandals to show off a fresh (at-home) pedicure). I left with a handful of long lilac branches, gathered from bushes in the backyard, intended for a larger pitcher rather than a vase. (The pitcher is from HomeGoods.) Not only are these lavender flowers pretty, they are incredibly fragrant.

I happened to bring home lilacs while doing laundry at my parents' last weekend too. That time, I arranged them in a clear glass vase.

I love experiencing spring both indoors and out.


  1. We have azaleas everywhere here in south Alabama. I adore flowers! I currently have honeysuckle, knockout roses and peppermint lilies growing in my yard. Your lavender and lilacs are gorgeous!

    1. I've read, "It's spring in Maryland until the azaleas bloom" somewhere. I suppose azaleas are a Southern thing too. Spring is my favorite season, largely due to flowers. Thank you. I hope to buy a white geranium for my balcony soon.

  2. Try to use "shrub" instead of "bush" - it sounds way better.