Sunday, May 31, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Dining Out

I rarely dine out due to budget, so it was especially nice to go out to dinner last night with my friend Elizabeth. I think prior to that, the last time I ate in a restaurant was for lunch on my April 15th birthday. Still concerned with my money however, we decided to go to Fridays because, as a Stripes member, I received a 'buy one entree and two beverages and get an entree free' offer. It was wonderful.

I wrote about dinner out on a Saturday night as a simple pleasure previously. Check it out here.

First, we ordered drinks...

Liz's drink is on the left. She chose the BFM, The Best Fridays Margarita. On the right, I went with the new Ultimate Casamigos Strawberry 'Rita. Both were delicious! I always love whatever their current flavored ultimate margarita is.

Next, she ordered my old favorite entree, the Bruschetta Chicken Pasta, which looked fantastic. I tried the French Dip, which was good, but I think that if I dine at this restaurant again, that I would select something else. I remember their burgers being great.

We split this dessert, the Brownie Obsession...

The brownie was decadent. Only some ice cream was left in the skillet.

I truly enjoyed the dining experience. Since I do not often eat out, it was special. I had fun. 

I should also say that Elizabeth is a wonderful friend. Without really going into it, when she first came in to pick me up, I needed to get something that just occurred off my chest and then decide what I was going to do about it real quick. She both listened and gave me great advice. Because of her, I was able to leave the drama behind much more quickly than just by myself, and then I could thoroughly enjoy my evening, not from the very start, but nearly so.

Elizabeth is my 'go to' day trip (and now travel) partner. So, I think we might visit a French pastry shop in Baltimore sometime during June because I discovered that they make the pain aux raisins that I got her hooked on in Paris. I'm looking forward to the pain au chocolat myself!


  1. Hi there, I'm a new reader and am enjoying your blog. I live in Baltimore, also, and laughed when I saw the cake from Patisserie Poupon - it's the same one I get my husband every year. We also get the Bouche de Noel for Christmas Eve.

    1. Ciao! Benvenuto! I am so happy to read you like my blog! I live in a suburb close to Baltimore, not in it. I anticipate living in a city that I will be proud to post. I didn't actually get a cake from Patisserie Poupon, at least not that I know of, perhaps they sold it to the store where I bought it. The Belgian chocolate cake in May was bought in my local grocery store. The Chocolate Marquis for my April birthday was from Cakes and Confections in Severna Park. The pastry shop I mentioned in this post is actually Patisserie Poupon. Elizabeth and I can't wait to patronize it!

  2. Lovely to have friends who help us through the rough patches, glad you had a nice evening out :-) love your blog!

    1. I think I am incredibly emotionally strong, but I was slammed busy at work that day leading right up to going out with her and didn't have time to process it myself. I barely had time to change my clothes and freshen up. So, I was so grateful to have her to lean on to get me through it quickly. I am incredibly fortunate to have her friendship. Of course the drama continued later that evening, but having decided not to devote much energy to it, I was smart about a couple texts received and also decided to ignore them.

      I truly did have a nice evening. Grazie.