Sunday, May 24, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Chocolate Cake. Plus, Pause and Remember on Memorial Day

I took a few vacation days this past week. Off Sunday through Thursday, I thoroughly enjoyed my time off before my busy season of June, July and August at work. You know that I love travel, but unfortunately, I was unable to afford a trip. Instead, I entertained at home multiple times. You have already read about my dinner party for three where I served my pasta specialty topped with sliced grilled chicken as well as my coffee date with Kate (from Seeking Small). Tuesday evening, I had dinner with my 12-year-old godson J, who I hope to spend more time with this summer. During the middle of the afternoon on Thursday, I had Kate and her family over. It was the first time that I met her newborn twin girls. It may be the last time I see Kate for quite awhile as she is moving to England soon. I served espresso and deep-dish chocolate chip cookies warm out of the oven a la mode with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And also glasses of chilled rosé from Provence, a bottle I picked up on my birthday from that wine shop I adore Bin 201. Oh, and cocoa topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles for three-year-old E. They brought macarons from a French pastry shop in Charm City called Patisserie Poupon. All this entertaining was accomplished on a shoestring budget. Even though I was concerned if I was serving enough, I enjoyed myself and think my guests did too. I tried my best with what I had. And anyway, despite saving money, I will serve more next time with summer commission rolling in.

I love to eat and I treated myself to two special foods over those vacation days. One was a giant bag of small hard pretzels that I have been snacking on but yet have to put a dent in the bag! The other treat was a small round Belgian chocolate cake. Until the chocolate truffle eclipsed chocolate cake as my favorite food sometime over the past couple of years, a decadent chocolate cake reigned supreme for years and years.

Isn't it beautiful?
It really is on the small side.
This placemat was custom-made 
and is smaller than normal for my non-standard size dining room table.

It was delicious and I savored a slice as a dessert to lunch and dinner many days. I did not consume the entire thing though, my godson ate a slice and I threw another slice away. I plan to eat healthier over the next couple of weeks to balance this particular calorie splurge out, but I am so happy I enjoyed it.

To my American readers:
Tomorrow is Memorial Day. As a lifestyle blogger desiring to embrace each season, I often write that Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, but it is more than that. I ask you to take a few moments, before your cookout, first dip in the pool, trip to the boardwalk or shopping spree, to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in protecting us, either specifically or in general. After that, go ahead and enjoy your freedoms. ...savor summer foods, welcome the new season, and plan what you are doing to do with those longer days.

Stay tuned for posts revealing what I plan to wear and read this upcoming season. I usually do a Summer Bucket List, but I decided to catch up on trying out new recipes instead since I've already committed to that this year. I earn more during the summer and would likely to be able to afford more ingredients at the grocery store as well as new cookware, gadgets, fun patterned cloth napkins on Amazon or at Target.


  1. My, that chocolate cake looks divine! How wonderful you were able to visit with Kate and meet her twins before her move to England. :)

    1. It was divine!

      It was so great to see Kate before she moved. I am truly excited for her but will miss her hanging out with her too.