Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review: Chic Inspiration

I enjoyed reading the eBook Chic Inspiration: Imaginative Ways to Live a More Magical Life by Fiona Ferris.

As an Amazon Prime member, I borrowed this title for free, but it only costs 99 cents to buy. You can also read it free when you subscribe with Kindle Unlimited.

I adore Fiona from her blog How to be Chic. Sometimes, a post, her words, will stick with me days or a week after I've read it. I've even participated in one of her decluttering challenges, so her blog has actually changed my life.

This book is about how to be inspired to live your days in a chic way. The author, who is very feminine and French, shares her own inspiration.

I live inside my head and am a value-driven individual, so my thoughts really do affect my actions. Of her tips, I plan to incorporate a few into my life, such as...

* to walk slower and more elegantly.
I walk quickly both for exercise and to get things done. Maybe I should stroll in a chic way!

* be happy with smaller portions as well as to savor and enjoy the taste of food rather than shoveling it in.
I come from a family of big eaters, so portion control will always be a challenge for me. For a slim silhouette, I should make an effort to eat more slowly.

* to have a notebook and pen ready for quote inscription.
I do have a "Motivation" board on Pinterest full of quotes, but I may designate a notebook for inspiration I find in everyday life and even write down a word or phrase I came across and like.

If you follow Fiona's blog and want to read more on her personal inspiration for a chic life or tips on how to gain inspiration yourself, then pick up this cheap little eBook. I feel that it is important to remind yourself how you want to live in order to stay on track.

This is actually her second eBook. I may have to check out her first one!


  1. Thank you so much Michelle, what a wonderful review!

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for writing as I know it'll help me.

  2. Love Fiona's blog and her books!