Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What's in my Handbag?

This was inspired by this post and video from Jennifer at The Daily Connoisseur. I know that I mentioned new birthday purchases such as the handbag, wallet and lip gloss recently in this post, but that's a quite a long one. I wanted to seize the opportunity to focus on a few new items in greater detail in a separate post. As I keep my home decluttered, I do the same for my handbag.

First, my new handbag is called Hatchet in Midnight Black from Aldo. You should know that this tote comes in many other colors and patterns. For $40 the style is classic and wonderful plus the construction seems decent. I think I will carry it every day until it starts to wear out, which I predict will be in about six months or so. I will upgrade to a bag that will last me forever when I can afford to do so. I like that this tote is label-less on the exterior.

The tote "leather" features a crosshatched texture. All the hardware is gold.


The black interior has zipper closure. I truly find the interior organization useful. It's one big space on the interior which is nice. On one side of the wall, there are three open pockets where I put my phone with a black case in the first, my Cargo lip gloss in the next, and then my Maybelline lip gloss in the last.

Essential Lip Gloss in Prague by Cargo Cosmetics from Ulta

I love this lip gloss and its style name, Prague, a city I always wanted to go to... It's dark pink in the tube and on the brush, but applied and blotted well it's a medium, muted pink with a hint of berry to it. It feels great too. I first learned about it from this post from The Glamorous Housewife. She happens to have thin lips too and suggests using this product as a stepping stone to wearing a bold lip color. Since I would like to rock a red lip during my 30s, I hope she's right! I am happy I ordered it and happier that it looks nice on me.

This lip gloss adds shine but not color. I like the taste too. I often reapply it throughout the day and evening without aid of a mirror. Unfortunately, I think this product is discontinued. I bought it at Target on clearance awhile ago and then purchased another from Gabe's, a department store specializing in close-outs, that I store in my bathroom medicine cabinet. Eventually, I will need to replace it with something new. If you have a recommendation, then please let me know in a comment.

On the other side of the handbag, there is a zippered pocket where I stash the following items: a pen with black ink, a Tide to go pen, a travel-size lint roller (since my family has a dog), a couple of band-aids, my name tag, promotional pin and set of keys for work, a brown hair elastic, and a contact lens case with a couple of doses of Tylenol inside.

There's also an open pocket on top of the zippered one which I love for a key ring of seven loyalty program card tags (so easy to grab at the grocery store self-checkout!).

"I'm not gonna give up on love. Love is the thing, you know. You see that? [She holds up the keychain.] That's love, and I'm bringin' it to me, all day long." -Louise, Sex and the City, the Movie.

In the main space of the handbag, I keep this new tri-fold wallet, Sadie from Hobo, a brand I adore. I ordered this upgrade of mine from Nordstrom. I love the tumbled leather texture of its exterior. It's sleek and beautiful.

Meet Sadie.

I keep some change in the zippered pocket on the back. The zipper and its pull are silver.

The flap is secured closed by two round magnets. A patterned fabric serves as a background to all the interior leather pockets. There's plenty of storage for cards: loyalty program cards, punch cards, gift cards, and my library card. I am using the couple of slots behind the places for a column of cards for coupons and possibly a dry cleaning/tailoring receipt. I don't have anything in two of the three central pockets, the third features an attached key ring. I would use these central pockets if I was using this wallet as an evening clutch. Attach my apartment key, push my phone into the intended compartment (fits snugly), throw some cash behind the two pockets, slide my driver's license and debit card into the front card slot and go. I love it already.

But I cannot stop using my little black trifold wallet from Florence! It also has a side compartment which closes with a snap at the top. In the wallet portion, I keep my photo ID, debit card, possibly my credit card, any cash, possibly receipts as well as my medical/prescription and dental insurance cards.

I store stamps and Philadelphia subway tokens in the side file compartment.

Other items kept in the main compartment of my handbag include a pack of tissues, brown sunglasses from Target and my keys that have a couple of key chains. One is a diamond-studded bow from Ann Taylor and the other is the Leaning Tower of Pisa I picked up just outside that monument's complex.

A picture of all the items except my phone not stored away inside the zippered pocket.

This is everything I have in my handbag except for my LG phone with its slim plain black case. (It's currently my only camera.)

I may also have a case for my sunglasses, white tic tacs, a grocery list, a book or Kindle, a bottle of water, and a black cardigan in my bag temporarily. (I need a cover for my Kindle.)

What's in your handbag?

I will try to publish what's in my closet as in my Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe post as soon as I can! I have done a lot of work on it already.


  1. Amazon has your lip gloss still for $16. I keep my reward cards on a separate key ring as well! Love your hangbag and wallets. Very chic!

    1. $16 is the price I happened to just pay for the Cargo lip gloss. The Maybelline is the one that seems discontinued, but you're right it is available on amazon, for under $4 or under $7 for a pack of two.

      I separated cards from keys a long time ago. Since you may hand them to a cashier, it's nice to have that key ring be lightweight.

      Thank you!

  2. I love your wallets and bag, it's hard finding non logo'd, simple ones nowadays.

    Hmmm, in my bag I carry: small square wallet, travel sz. advil, lipstick and lip pencil, lip balm, tiny tin of altoids, black pen, tissues, zip pouch of sanitary pads, envelope of coupons, and keys. I've noticed as I've gotten older I carry more things. Previously I never carried advil or the envelope of coupons.

  3. I used to have lipgloss all the time. And for some reason I would put my hair down (when I had long hair) when I put it on. It got on my nerves as the fan was always on in the heat of Bangkok and strands of hair would get stuck. Your bag and wallet is very chic looking as well. Thanks for showing what you have in your bag. Right now mine kind of have the whole house in it, hahaha!

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