Thursday, April 23, 2015

Recent Decluttering

I treated myself very well at my birthday. Even though I have been replacing many items which means tossing, donating, or giving away the worn out item, there were many things I simply wanted to add to my home. Out of my preference for simplicity, I wished to declutter.

In honor of my 31st birthday, I set a goal of getting rid of 31 items and actually achieved it! They are as follows...

1. black sweater past its prime
2. pink lace bra I no longer love
3. matching panty
4. dark pink boatneck 3/4 sleeve tee that had several tiny holes
5-6. two poinsettias. It's April, not December.
7. geranium that was dying
8. lavender scarf I haven't worn lately
9. dark pink scarf that I have something similar
10. skirt
11. tights
12. sweater
13. plain black winter hat. Despite the cold winter and my love of walking, I still never wore it.
14. Boston travel guide from 2010
15. turquoise shirt
16. liquid blush I didn't love
17. shampoo I didn't love
18. makeup removing towelettes that I use so little that they were dry
19. expired dose of NyQuil capsules
20. black and white striped long sleeve tee I didn't love and was tight
21. brown wrap shirt I didn't wear often
22. white scoop neck 3/4 sleeve tee that was tight
23. white v-neck 3/4 sleeve tee that was past its prime
24. red hooded zipped sweatshirt I never wore and would stain white camis pink
25. ivory cardigan past its prime
26. style book I didn't love
27. pot I hardly ever used
28-30. three pot lids. Two of which were missing their match.
31. tupperware lid also missing its match

I also did not keep the following things I replaced with something new...

1. black and red bra that wasn't a great fit
2. matching panty
3-4. two cookie sheets that nearly always warped in a hot oven
5. ice cream scoop that was broken
6. regular length jeans that were too big plus past their prime
7. khaki blazer that I didn't like how it fit in the shoulders
8. twin comforter from 2002 that was worn out
9. black ballet flats with a patent cap toe and bow that were past their prime
10. black "leather" tote from Nine West Outlet that was worn out. The straps looked awful.
11. black Wilson's Leather coupon/receipt/card/cash/change wallet that I no longer like and was past its prime
12. black crewneck cardigan that has a few small holes*
13. silver metallic flat sandals past their prime*

* That I will get rid of as soon as the replacement arrives. via Pinterest

I felt like I've been doing a lot of decluttering lately and I did not even own much to begin with! I may eat my words after finding inspiration (like possibly reading this book), but I think I should lay off for awhile. I have never regretted tossing a single item, but don't want to in the future, in my attempt to hit some self-imposed goal. However, I will still regularly clear my surfaces as well as inside my handbag plus may even upgrade an item when needed, but I do not intend to engage in a big decluttering session until far into the future.

I realize that my readers are anticipating hearing all about my birthday shopping spree. Thank you for your patience. My social calendar seems to be calming down now and I will try to write as much as I can as soon as I can!

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