Sunday, March 1, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Watching a Hugh Grant Movie

The Friday before last, I discovered that a romantic comedy starring the reigning king of romantic comedies Hugh Grant was recently released on DVD! Why didn't anyone tell me?! It's called The Rewrite. I found it as a recommendation in the blog series This and That at The Simply Luxurious Life. I actually rented and viewed it on my Kindle that evening. It was good, not great; I enjoyed watching it.

Hugh Grant is a screenwriter that is unable to get work, so he takes a job as a professor in a small town across the country. He teaches a single screenwriting class. His character is a sleazy guy who sleeps with a student and at first tries to be as lazy as possible, which, of course, gets him into a lot of trouble. He's good in that role. His students eventually inspire him to teach, even leading him to help one of them score a Hollywood deal. He falls for a single mom who is another one of his students, played by Marisa Tomei. Her help marks a turning point for him. The story isn't the best, but the performances help this movie. I adore Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei.


  1. I've just heard about it too. I love Hugh Grant especially in Love Actually and Music and Lyrics. A couple of months ago, I watched Begin Again Kiera Knightly and Mark Ruffalo and the other one was Song One Anne Hathaway and Johnny Flyn. Both were cute and ok and left you blah. You know how that feels and don't want to watch anything for awhile. I'll just go back to the classics like You've Got Mail and Sweet Home Alabama:)

    1. I really love Hugh Grant in Love Actually and Notting Hill. The Rewrite is similar to Music and Lyrics as it is by the same director. Even the story is close! It is worth watching at a discount theater once or as a cheap rental.

      I thought Begin Again was engaging and had a fun story. Again, the acting was probably its best feature. I do love trying new things but I agree; I could watch You've Got Mail, but also The Holiday and Letters to Juliet over and over again!