Sunday, March 29, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Chick fil A

Since I do not own my own vehicle and live in the suburbs, I am rarely just out and about to quickly grab some fast food. Even though my fast food preferences are a burger and a roast beef sandwich, I do crave a chicken sandwich from Chick fil A once or twice a year. I had been craving it for a few weeks. Finally, on Wednesday during my lunch hour, I indulged in a #1 meal (sandwich, fries and coke) following a few errands. It was delicious! I savored every bit of the sandwich but didn't finish all of the fries and soda. I know this will publish on Sunday, so if I give you a craving for it on the day they're closed, I am so sorry. Healthier salad for dinner that day and for lunch the next day.

I did experience a simple pleasure fail. The Saturday before last, I picked up a handful of daffodils at the grocery store in order to celebrate spring. The small bunch were just buds about to bloom at the time of purchase. I think I had bought tulips last spring, so I decided upon these cheery yellow flowers this year. They didn't open. They actually died as buds. Researching the care of this specific flower online, I made sure I did everything right. Trim the stem at a 45 degree angle, check. Fill the vase with shallow lukewarm water, check. Add plant food, check. Repeat every day or two, check. In my research, I discovered that they could be affected by something called bud blast which may have been the case with my bouquet and there is nothing I could have done to save them. Oh well. Tulips (dark pink, bright pink with white edges, white!) are calling out to me now, but I may wait to buy flowers for my birthday next month. They are an occasional luxury. I love having fresh flowers in my home. It is a simple pleasure that feeds my soul.


  1. I really don't remember when was the last time having fresh flowers in my home. And we have different types of orchids here for the home and I was thinking for bathroom, a bit of dampness keeps the orchids well. We'll see:) I do miss Chick fil A. I love their salads but don't keep me over till dinner. So that kind of set does or their nuggets...mmmmm..

  2. I love having fresh flowers in my home and when my gardens are in bloom I always have them in the dining room and throughout the house in little vases. :) Right now, we're still buried in some snow (only an inch...but still!), so I'm waiting to see when and what will come up!