Sunday, February 1, 2015

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Pizza Dinner

Winter is my toughest time financially. I can pay my bills as well as purchase minimal food, red wine, gifts, needed items from Target with my hourly wage. As a leasing professional, I earn commission on every move-in at work. Commission seems to pay for everything else I want and need. Of course, with the holidays, people do not move in during December so, as a result, my paychecks are little during January. I managed to convince many to move in during January so I will finally have some slush cash on February 20th! With this bonus, I can purchase another bottle of my perfume. Hopefully I don't run out before I buy it! My signature scent is Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere (Eau de Parfum Spray) which I wear everyday. I am very pleased with the new bottle design, very similar to the iconic Chanel No. 5 bottle. I even look forward to having this classic bottle top my beautiful jewelry armoire. The new bottle also has a new size, which I predict will last me about three years. Sure, it is an expensive purchase, but cheap in the long run. Remember, cost per wear.

As a result of my seasonal poverty, I have been eating a lot of pasta lately. Luckily, this cheap food is so versatile with the different kinds (as in whole grain or not), shapes, sauces and toppings that at least I don't often consume the same exact meal in a row. I am also thankful for recent food donations from my parents and boss. On Friday, after a long day of four lease signings and four move-ins in addition to everything else I do at my apartment community, I simply couldn't face yet another bowl of pasta for dinner. Instead, I ordered a medium pepperoni pizza from a local place and had it delivered. Even though I am concerned with paying my small remaining rent balance before it is considered late, pizza is another cheap food, so I figured that my fairly-well-managed budget could handle my spontaneous decision. It was delicious! With the aid of Chianti, I ate more of it than I should have at the first sitting. It completely hit the spot. Even though my workweek actually ends on Saturday, it was a small celebration of totally rocking another week!

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