Monday, December 1, 2014

New Recipe #2: Behold! The Brookie. Plus, A Cooking Commitment

I pinned this delicious-looking dessert long ago. Allow me to introduce you to the brookie, as in 'brownie-cookie,' a brownie and chocolate chip cookie combination that is baked in a muffin pan...

I finally tried these, which are also known as brooksters, last Monday and they turned out pretty well! They tasted delicious, as you can imagine! Right out of the oven or a leftover microwaved for nine seconds, the chocolate chips are just melted. In order to perfect their presentation, there are a few things I would do differently the next time. I didn't have a really great baking time, so I kept opening the oven door and checking on them, and as a result, they fell a bit in the middle. Think a long time like 30 minutes or so. I will also add a little less brownie batter and cookie dough the second time around. My first time, I filled each muffin pan cup halfway with brownie batter and measured leveled-off a ice cream scoop-full of cookie dough and then rolled that into a ball. In addition, I will not use muffin liners as the brownie suck to the paper a bit. Instead, I will grease the muffin pan. 

I made 12 brookies with a bit of cookie dough left over. Since I want to make them smaller next time, I imagine that I would have a few more brookies. Brownie batter is one of the best things to eat in existence however. Come to think of it, chocolate chip cookie dough isn't bad either. Save room for the absolutely scrumptious finished product though!

Michelle's Brookies


Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix Original with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup Pouch
1/4 c. water
1/2 c. vegetable oil
1 egg

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
1 stick (1/2 c. butter)
1 egg

Cooking spray, if desired


1. Preheat oven between 325 and 350 degrees

2. Place a muffin liner in each cup or grease pan

3. Prepare brownie batter using package directions

4. Prepare cookie dough using package directions

5. Fill each lined or greased muffin pan cup a bit less than halfway with brownie batter

6. Bake brownies for ten minutes. Meanwhile, roll small cookie balls of equal size; think like a barely heaping tablespoon size.

7. Take brownies out and place a ball in each cup, pressing down a bit, so the brownie batter surrounds the dough

8. Bake for at least 30 minutes, checking to see if they look done at 30 minutes, adding time if needed

9. Cool for a bit and serve while still warm


As soon as I tasted one, I called my mother and insisted that she come over immediately, having told her that I wanted to try making them the previous evening. Plus, I know she's a big fan of my chocolate chip cookies, especially when right out of the oven. Anyway, we settled on plans for making them as one of the desserts for our family feast on Christmas Day. I sent her home with another, plus one for my father and brother. I also shared one with each of my team of three co-workers. Everyone had rave reviews.

Usually, I like classic or quintessential things. I prefer to be known for the ultimate of something, made in the traditional way, rather than trying a twist or adding a secret ingredient to make it my own. The perfect chocolate chip cookie, for example. Sometimes, people might think that's plain or boring, but I like being famous for making a crowd-pleaser, something everyone loves, well. The ordinary made extraordinary by being the best ever tasted. Heck, even though the idea of maintaining an air of mystery appeals to me, I am much too honest and helpful to be secretive! But, I make an exception for these. Brownie and chocolate chip cookie are a match made in heaven for me! I hope that I have sufficiently conveyed their sheer awesomeness and you go and make them yourselves, my dear readers.

I used to bake recipes from scratch often throughout high school. Then, in college, it was easier and perhaps cheaper to bake from a mix in the shared hall kitchen of the dorm. This month, I've been out of college for eight years and haven't stopped using these shortcuts yet. I yearn to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch again. Plus, I want to branch out and cook, bake and prepare recipes I have yet to attempt. More than pasta. So, I've decided to prepare 50 new recipes through the end of 2015. I am counting the two dishes I made recently, the beef and broccoli as well as these brookies. I edited my Pinterest Recipes to Try board, leaving only the other 48 intended recipes. Although, I do own a few cookbooks to rely on as well.

I am excited as there are many recipes I've included that I've been meaning to try forever. Like tomato sauce from scratch! Breakfast items too such as french toast, frittata, chocolate chip pancakes, and cranberry scones. There are a few French foods listed, such as beef bourguignon, ratatouille, flourless chocolate cake, and madeleines. I would not leave more Italian cuisine off this list including but not limited to traditional lasagna (rather than the Italian-American version we know), penne arrabbiattarisotto, and tiramisu. Having tried my hand at Chinese, I figured I would try another culture, a Mexican/Latin American dish, carne asada, which I think would go with my summertime blood orange margaritas! Honestly, this is marinated and sliced flank steak, so it is similar to the way you prepare the beef in beef and broccoli. Since I want to use the cute little crock pot my parents gave me, I kept a couple of slow cooker recipes such as minestrone soup and beef stew. Of course, with my sweet tooth, there are many desserts or parts of them like frosting. I adore coconut cake, for example. What else? Isn't this a thing of beauty?! I will share about them, so look for posts over the next 13 months.

Confetti Cake
Style Me Pretty via Pinterest


  1. Oh the brookies look really good! I have to keep my pace when it comes to baking sweets:) Thanks for the links that you provided like tomato sauce from scratch and an interesting one that don't include onions and I'll be happy to try. Cheers!

    1. I love those brookies. They will probably become something I am known for!

      You're welcome. I am so looking forward to truly branching out in cooking and baking as it's been fun so far. Good luck to you in your cooking adventures!