Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A note from Santa...

I find a letter from "Santa" accompanying a lovely gift at my office door every Christmas. Read the poem I received last year here.

Dear Michelle,

I know that year twenty-fourteen
Is one like you've never seen,
I know it has had many ups and a down
And often felt like a merry-go-round.

One "up" was E [his first name here] you dated and befriended
That relationship was fun and hopefully hasn't ended.

Another "up" was your birthday trip
(Even though, I know your savings took a dip.)
But, in your mind -- and heart, experiences stay
You'll always remember croissants at the cafe'
And the art of Monet.

Start to put a little money away
Start it now; don't delay.
A whole year away can be your next vacation
Half the fun is the anticipation.

Michael's accident was a "down"
The result of a bad trip to town
A core value was exposed
Your depth of caring showed.

Another "down" was your employment hunt
No openings on the job front.
But, Michelle, this I can guarantee
Things turned out just as they should be.

This year, the time wasn't right
So for next year, set you sight
Set those goals
Grab the controls.

There's many an exciting place
And there isn't any race
So, take your time and investigate
Find a job to which you can relate.

If things work out with your new friend
That will be great; If not, it's not the end!

In twenty-fifteen,
Transition is your theme
Focus on the excitement -- everything new
So much to see, so much to do

So many jobs to explore
So many chances to open a new door
So many new places to eat.
So many new people to meet.

It's time for me to get in my sleigh,
Christmas is approaching, I can't delay.

All the kindness you do
Will come back to you,
Your Santa does pray,
In a wonderful, unexpected way.

As always, I'll watch over you
Holding you safe in all you do.
Make 2015
A year supreme!


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