Saturday, November 15, 2014

Style Saturday: Edits to My Fall 2014 Capsule Wardrobe

I have pretty much stuck with the limited number of pieces in my Fall 2014 Capsule Wardrobe with a few exceptions. Overall, the curated collection has proven its success.

I lost some weight during September and because I kept it off for awhile, I bought two pairs of pants and acquired a pair of jeans that fit during October and November. It was nice to replace bottoms that were pretty loose at the waist and possibly too much in the thigh for the particular style. My pair of black trousers didn't have any belt loops to help keep them up! Not so chic and a bit unprofessional.

I bought two pairs of black pants from Target. One is a pair of straight leg pants in Classic Fit by Merona. Usually opting for trousers so the line of the silhouette pretty much drops down from the wide part of the hip, I haven't had the classic 'straight leg' cut in a long while. It is nice to have a change with its tighter fit. The curve of my hip is embraced, but I like the straight, even cut of the thigh all the way down the calf to the hem. It's still flattering. I also like the side slit pockets. These are in regular rotation to wear to work. These replaced my black trousers by Alfani from Macy's that I think I bought last January and plan to donate.

After seeing all the lovely ways to style a pair of black ankle pants on Pinterest, I tried another pair and am much more pleased with this one over my last attempt picked up at New York & Company that didn't even make the cut for this autumn's wardrobe. I selected the black ankle pants in Modern Fit by Mossimo. These are a very slim cut so they certainly show off my curves. I am impressed with their weight/texture. For a date with E on a cold night, I styled these with my black and white striped long-sleeve tee by Chance (over a white camisole) and black pumps. Adding a khaki trench and a bright dark pink scarf when out and about. I felt stylish yet classic. Anyway, these were an addition to my closet, making my fall wardrobe total 17 items. I am happy with both pairs of pants from Target, so glad that they were affordable as well!

Exhibit A. Pinterest

E completely spoiled me and bought me my last replacement, a pair of Petite Modern Boot Cut Jeans in Lazare Wash by Ann Taylor. The petite length is perfect for me to wear with ballet flats (which is a signature shoe for me). No required trip to my trusted tailor! I have been living in these after 5 almost every work day as well as a bit on the weekends. Even though they have had a lot of use, they only stretch a tiny bit days after washing, but not too much. This amount of stretch is perfect, the pants remain very fitted but not tight. It's nice that they are no longer as slightly tight as they originally were in the fitting room. I adore the unfaded dark wash which is more polished for an everyday look and dressier than my lighter version of Levi's from JCPenney that I took out of my closet and placed in my donation box. I really love them.

Style Hunter by Essie
with new blue jeans backdrop

I still need to purchase a pair of regular length bootcut blue jeans to style with heels. The denim I own from Ann Taylor Factory Store are, again, big on me at the waist and in the thigh. In fact, I can grab a lot of fabric mid-thigh. The regular version of my petite purchase were way too long and I would have had to pour money into them to have them hemmed. I might not even like the look of the hem on denim anyway. Hopefully I can find a new pair and work them into the budget soon!

If I hadn't had that weight loss and kept it off for a month, then I would not have had these updates. I am still the same number size since different stores size differently, plus it probably changes over time, but that's okay! Since I needed to replace these items, I am happy for the change and that they look so great!

I forgot that I bought a new pair of black ballet flats with a black patent cap toe early on in the season. These are my work shoes, but I also sometimes wear them out and about.


  1. Love your new items as they sound like classics. I had to replace my pants frequently when I was losing weight and I opted for second hand ones as I knew I would keep losing. Now I am hooked on thrift and consignment shops. I scored a beautiful buttery leather moto jacket last week.
    Congratulations on your weight loss.

    1. Thanks. I read about your new leather jacket! I love it and can see you strolling around Paris with it too! :)

  2. I love the Mossimo ankle pants! Over the summer I had to replace all of my pants due to weight loss (a good thing) and I purchased several colors of these pants as well as the Old Navy Pixie pants which I would also recommend. A similar fit and no hemming for us petites :-). While I wouldn't call either "investment" pieces they are perfect as an affordable "replacement". I enjoy your wardrobe posts.

    1. That black pair of Mossimo ankle pants worked very well for me during the fall. I might have to consider other colors myself...

      I can't believe that I'm considered a petite anything at 5'7" but my sister and I inherited our shorter-than-average legs from my dad and his side of the family. Glad I finally know how to work with them!

      Thank you. They're fun for me as well. I hope to have even more fun in the future by putting together outfits and modeling clothes.