Sunday, November 16, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Chocolate Marquis, Again! Plus a Weekend Update

I've written about this before [here], my favorite dessert, the Chocolate Marquis, from the fantastic bakery, Cakes and Confections, located a couple of towns away, in Severna Park, Maryland.

Since fall follows my peak season at work as a leasing professional at an apartment community and I work so hard, adjusting to a slower pace takes time. So, I managed to stay busy and scored a couple of deals for our residents just because. One is a coupon with multiple offers from this bakery. When I picked up the 200 coupons plus stacks of brochures/menus on  Wednesday, my coworker and I selected a couple slices of coconut cake and a few chocolate-filled mini cakes to share with our team of four. They raved about them! I got to try a taste of all of these selections. It was an amazing work day!

I also brought home a Chocolate Marquis mini cake just for myself. I savored it that evening. This little cake features alternating thick layers of chocolate mousse and thin layers of chocolate cake. It is covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with more chocolate mousse plus chocolate curls on top! It was delicious...

A little smushed from the ride home, but still scrumptious.

I am looking forward to my plans for my Sunday-Monday weekend. This afternoon, I visit my friend and neighbor M who has been living at a rehabilitation center for the past month. And staying at a couple of hospitals before that. I haven't seen him in like six weeks and I miss him. I am so grateful that his next door neighbor is taking me.

After that, I plan on preparing beef and broccoli for the first time. I bought the ingredients this morning. If it is successful then I will post all about it. I imagine it would be since it is a simple dish.

I am part of a surprise tomorrow evening. I love surprises! Details to come.

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