Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I know that I haven't updated in weeks. I am sincerely sorry and hope you, dear readers, will forgive me. In becoming the woman I am meant to be, I have changed my mind about something important and wished to devote myself to processing it. I realize this is mysterious. Again, I apologize.

I am sure I will write about that later, but for now, I want this beloved blog of mine to capture something else, someone rather. This journal that just so happens to be public at the moment is important to me and I would regret not documenting this brief yet major part of my life in a blog post.

If you know me through this blog or in real life, then you are well aware that I want to move (from Maryland) to Philadelphia. As a result, I respectfully declined local date offers. However, I agreed to go on a first date during the summer, with E. Our subsequent dating was quite a distraction from actively pursuing my plans. Since I prefer to keep so many of the details of the relationship between the two of us, I will refrain from elaborating here on this social media platform. What's important is that I fell in love with him and consequently, took Philly completely off the table. Love can come when you least expect it. It certainly came up unexpectedly and at an inopportune moment for me. Unfortunately, it happened to end last weekend. (And you shouldn't hate him.)

I am heartbroken. Sad. I miss him terribly already. Please do not worry though as I am functional. Plus, I will definitely return to being happy and fabulous, but I just require time first. Time alone. I am off from work tomorrow (instead of my usual Monday) and... need it.

As they say, it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. I simply have not been in love often so far in my life. It's truly amazing to experience that. Although difficult for me now, I will always be grateful.

He's wonderful. ...which is a statement I am used to gushing to friends when catching up. E is adventurous, intelligent, affectionate, passionate, gentlemanly and overall, a good man. Tall, dark and handsome too. He also has an accent. Most importantly, he adored me. ...no wonder I fell in love!

I will always cherish so many of our truly beautiful moments together throughout our four months of dating.

I need some time to grieve my devastating loss before deciding about continuing with my plans for my life. In addition, I am inspired to blog, but ask for even more patience at the moment. Please stay tuned. Thank you.


  1. Take time to heal, but please return, I so enjoy your writing.

    1. I am trying. I'm known to always be smiling and so ...I feel very off. I wanted to say that I plan to draft a book review tonight and hope it to be the first post of many coming up.

      *Grazie mille* for staying with me and the encouragement. I greatly appreciate it.

  2. I have been there and I think you have the right attitude. The end of a relationship doesn't always have to be dramatic. I always tried to think of it as an experience. As my wise Aunt always told me "God is simply preparing you for the right one." I can tell you she was right.

    Take good care of you. I look forward to your return.

    1. Thanks for that. Or maybe this needed to happen so he could get himself in the right place. ...perhaps that my grief talking...

      I'm trying to take care of myself. The process this time around is slow going! Check back soon for a book review that I plan to write after work.

  3. So sorry for your pain. I used all of your tips for Paris, so I feel like I know you and it makes me sad. Be good to yourself, each day will get better. You are a jewel, someone will recognize and appreciate this, hang in there :-)

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