Sunday, September 7, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Dinner Out Saturday Night

I went out to dinner with friend and fellow blogger Kate (of Seeking Small) last night. Wining and dining out is a rare occurrence for me, for budget reasons. Luckily, this fact makes me enjoy the experience so much more!

I thoroughly relished the activity from start to finish. I freshened up after work, dressed in a beautiful lace top and jean skirt, and grabbed a clutch. It was nice to catch up with Kate, indulge in some girl talk, that I didn't even know how much I needed. I am glad that she liked my choice in restaurant and particularly enjoyed her appetizer. It was "Hawaiian Night" so we waited for out table with a lei on. Their specials revolved around the theme, including individual pineapple upside-down cakes. We toasted her big news, clicking our glasses of water. (Read her blog to find out!) My entree came with a salad and there's a decent bread basket served at this establishment.

I knew what I would order prior to arrival. The Balsamic Chicken is genius in its flavor pairings. There's the contrasting honey balsamic drizzle, both sweet and acidic. The chicken tops a bed of sauteed spinach, which goes with the garlic-flavored mashed potatoes it rests upon well. There are also pieces of sweet orange bell pepper scattered around. Every bite was delicious. I also ordered a glass of Cabernet, which was wonderful, so full-bodied, and beautiful in its deep ruby red color.

Desserts are a big deal here. I chose a slice of the Chocolate Marquis, which is basically chocolate ganache covering large layers of mousse and short layers of cake. I've eaten this as a mini dessert at a local bakery (and posted about it here). This decadent chocolate confection was delicious as well.

Even the thunderstorms that were forecasted that evening held off or possibly hit briefly during our meal. It was a delightful evening. I am happy that I suggested this to Kate, ordered everything I did, and savored every bite and bit of the night out. It was out of the ordinary, a special yet simple pleasure.

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