Friday, August 22, 2014

Things To Do: Summer 2014 Edition Update: Pit Beef Sandwich

One of the items on this season's bucket list is to savor a pit beef sandwich. This is my favorite sandwich and I was craving it since I hadn't had one since last July, well... before last Sunday that is. A summery item; it is usually sold at carnivals and fairs as well as in beach towns. In fact, if you are vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland, I highly recommend Bull on the Beach. I didn't manage to attend any of those or make it to Ocean City this season. From conversations with friends who are not originally from this state, I understand that it is more of a local specialty. I suspect the beef is grilled over a pit of charcoal and then sliced thin and heaped onto a roll.

I persuaded my two girlfriends to have a pit beef or pit ham lunch at a local independently-owned restaurant where I had been before when it had a slightly different name. My sandwich was delicious!

The beef was plentiful as well as flavorful, smoky in taste. It really hit the spot! I'll have to patronize this restaurant more often!

My friends and I continued onto to more girly activities for the rest of the afternoon... shopping at an outlet mall and my favorite store, HomeGoods as well as indulging in wonderful chocolatey dessert from The Cheesecake Factory. Although it felt strange, it was nice to be in a mall and spend on myself. I picked up a couple of extras to my fall capsule wardrobe. Starting with that pit beef sandwich, it was a fantastic afternoon. My oldest friend who I dined with remembered that whenever we hit the local carnival over the years, that picking up a pit beef sandwich is my 'must do.'

I believe one should enjoy the little things in life, even if it is simply a sandwich.

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